What is e learning advantage?

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Advancement in technology has not only revolutionized how businesses operate but it has also impacted the education sector greatly.

In addition, eLearning is slowly replacing the traditional classes and teaching methods. This is because most people are slowly discovering the benefits of this mode of learning.

While the most obvious ones are cost savings and flexibility, in this guide, we define what is e learning and its benefits to both tutors and learners.


what is e-learning



Online education or eLearning can be defined as a form of learning that utilizes electronic technologies to access educational materials outside of the traditional classroom.

Besides, it can as well be referred to as courses that are delivered via the internet.

eLearning adoption is currently growing steadily across the world, and with newer devices and technology, the approach and mode of eLearning adoption are changing rapidly. Here are some of what is e learning top eLearning trends in 2018.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Both virtual and augmented reality are the hottest modes of implementing pieces of training to students.

Although virtual reality has been around for some time, with the introduction of Mixed and augmented reality.

There are numerous possibilities in the e-learning module. These technologies are expected to shape the education sector especially in handling high-risk tasks and performing complex procedures.

Game-Based Learning

Gamification continues to be an important trend in 2018. Game-based learning has greater impacts in imparting critical role-based information.

To retain learners’ interest, most e learning courses include games to help learners have fun while studying.

It sounds paradoxical, though games increase students’ attention since they full get immersed in the gaming process hence making learning easy.


what is e-learning



Content curation is among the top eLearning trends in 2018. In fact, most organizations have invested in content curation as its potentials in creating a reliable and alternative standard in learning remain strong.

There is various open source eLearning software that can help in curating information, thus, providing students with just in time information.

If you are in the e-learning industry, chances are you have at some point needed a rapid e learning software for course creation.

There are many options available in the market, however, instructional designers will align themselves with one of the following tools.


  1. Articulate storyline- It is a popular tool for many since it is fairly easy to use. Besides, it comes with a pretty nifty feature with an active community support.


  1. Adobe Captivate- It is regarded as the workhorse in the industry although it requires some in-depth learning to go round it. Nonetheless, it is a powerful tool for course designers.


  1. ISpring- This is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a solid tool that can help you design your class materials easily.


  1. Lectora- It is a web-based tool that best suits courses which are heavy in text.


5.Learndash- This is a pocket-friendly yet pack solution. In addition, it is ideal for course creation. Besides, you can use it with other tools easily.

Besides the new trends in e learning examples, it is doing much in transforming the landscape of curriculum development and learning. Here is a list of the merits that accrue to this method of teaching.


what is e-learning



One of the greatest benefits of what is e learning is the ability to take e-learning courses from.

There is no longer a need to travel to the brick and mortar institutions to enroll for a course, you can simply sign up online and start off your classes.

Focused and Effective Learning

Most online e learning module offers personalized pieces of training to students based on their abilities.

Besides, it allows 24/7 access to the resources, thus, students can review and learn at their own pace.

In addition, instructors can help students understand the course by incorporating both video and audio pieces of training.

Access to education for all Ages

In a bid to understand what is e learning, it is imperative to know that it offers equal opportunity to all interested in acquiring new skills or furthering their studies.

Moreover, there are no strict restrictions as witnessed in the traditional classes.

Update content

One of the benefits of best buy e learnings is the ability to ensure that you are in synchronization with the modern learners. Besides, it enables the learner to access updated content wherever possible.


what is e-learning



Compared to the traditional method of teaching, this method has faster delivery cycles.

Therefore, it is an indicator that the time required to learn is significantly reduced. Besides, it is scalable and helps in communicating and creating new policies, concepts, and ideas.

There are numerous online learning platform examples offering different pieces of training, hence, selecting the best e learning websites may be a daunting task.

Tutorroom.net is an e-learning example that has a state of the art tutoring platform. It allows tutors to create responsive and beautiful landing pages for their courses.

In addition, it enables tutors to upload videos, audio files and PDF documents for ease of access. Moreover, they can take advantage of the more intuitive and interactive whiteboard.

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