What is the best online whiteboard for tutoring?

best online whiteboard tutoring

What Is the best Online Whiteboard for tutoring?

If you want to do tutoring online then you need to use the best virtual classroom and online whiteboard available. Long gone are the days where Skype will suffice for tutoring sessions. You need a platform where you can host content clearly and dynamically that allows for students to interact in real-time with a mix of video calling and whiteboard tools.

The good news is that there are more online whiteboard options than ever to choose from! Today we'll explore one of the best options out there today -- the TutorRoom interactive whiteboard and virtual classroom.

TutorRoom | The Best Online Whiteboard

TutorRoom provides a simple but effective online virtual whiteboard that has all the necessary features that support learners in all subjects (languages, science, or otherwise).

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An easy-to-use whiteboard

Ready? You can immediately try a demo of the whiteboard by clicking here.

The TutorRoom whiteboard has all the interactive tools you need:

  • High-quality video calling
  • Messaging window
  • PDF/PPT/JPG/PNG upload
  • Video recording
  • Slide saving
  • Pen tools
  • Drawing tools
  • Color swatches

For the tutors and the students, it is the best online whiteboard to conduct studies since you can easily work live with your tutors on the live whiteboard.

Not shown in the demo, there are other whiteboard online tools like a math grid, a calculator, and more, Tell us about your schools' requests to see if it's on our list! Send Inquiry.

Whiteboard PDFS, PPTS, JPG, PNG & More

So, what type of materials can a whiteboard handle? Lucky for you, whiteboard work well with the simple lesson formats that you're probably used to. No need for HTML or coding -- just upload plain old PDF and PPT lessons to the backend. PDFs can be changed or reuploaded any time during the class.

Now, unique to other whiteboard -- this can be used on mobile or PC. Just adjust your screen with the virtual zoom/pan and it should be able to be adjusted to read even very small writings easily. It should magnify and reduce the size of the writings and to the level, the reader is comfortable with.

A virtual classroom where tutors and students can really interact

It can be easily called an online meeting site for tutors and students to interact and there is no limitation to the number allowed on the site. It is unlimited , Tutorroom online shared whiteboard enables this to work on it.

It works like an online meeting whiteboard for this reason that it encourages sharing of the whiteboard. You can use the whiteboard with your friends to revise or to discuss the concepts taught in the virtual classroom.

The best whiteboard should have the best exporting whiteboard online tool on the online whiteboard so that you can download your documents and your work in PDF form to review later or for personal reasons.

It should also enable one to export the whole board as a PDF or picture. It enables easy download of jpg and also pdf.

Video and audio learning devices

The whiteboard should support video calls and connect to the tutors or students through video outlets. This enables the students to learn better and more efficiently. These whiteboard online tool help a tutor learn how is how to tutor online whiteboard.

It also makes it convenient for the students to ask for help easily in case they suck somewhere. It also helps save time since the student can get help without having to wait to ask for help. The audio enables the students to communicate with each other and to learn together.

TutorRoom classroom

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A good whiteboard should ensure it is working well and that it has the best whiteboard online tool. It should be easy enough to use without a lot of problems occurring. TutorRoom includes all of it. It is ideal for Math students to use.

The tutor should be able to record the progress of each and every student on the site. This makes the TutorRoom a good very good online whiteboard for teaching. It is a very good online whiteboard for Math and Science. You can very easily buy whiteboard online.


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