Will online whiteboard completely replace the blackboard?

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Online whiteboard is commonly known as Interactive whiteboard, which is a board connected to a computer with a display manipulated by a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen are slowly taking up the role of a traditional blackboard. Unlike the past where tutors had to set up a physical classroom with students, desks, blackboards and dusty chalk, with an online whiteboard, all that is needed is a computer connected to LMS website to get started. The extent at which whiteboards use is growing; one is left wondering, “will online whiteboard completely replace the blackboards?”

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To evaluate and find answers to the above statement, perhaps one needs to understand what pros online whiteboard comes with that acts as advantageous compared to blackboards. Take an example of a lecturer in a class using chalk blackboard with 5,000 students to be lectured. Such a lecturer has to take questions from students and answer them systematically. Can such a lecturer reach all the students and input academic life in every student? You will agree with us doing that is a big challenge. But did you know online whiteboard can be used to reach even a more significant number than the 5,000 at ago? The psychological dynamic to access a massive amount of audience at ago among tutors are making them turn to online whiteboard since the more audience you reach, the higher the pay.


In a lecture room, a lecturer needs to speak clearly, project his or her voice loudly to reach the audience. The much energy needed to fill a lecture room with sound to reach students-some who are not paying attention- is not a joke. What accelerates the challenge to a tutor is the fact that the teaching needs to be explained further in writing. All such struggles are solved with the use of an online whiteboard. All a lecturer need is to schedule an online video teaching session where students can stream the proceeding from their computer. Additionally, a tutor can record a video and post to students and receive questions later from those who would want further explanation.


Since with online whiteboard, a tutor has an interactive session with a student; it gives room to a lecturer to focus on learners’ individual needs. When learner focus becomes the order of the day, a teacher can notice the weakness and look for ways to solve the problem. Previously where blackboards were on use, a lecturer acted like an instructor to a group of students; hence, individual students touch was minimal.

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Direct tutor-learner touch is an aspect many parents across the world have been searching to have on their children. Now they have a course to smile since different learning management examples like TutorRoom are now in place. TutorRoomfor offers virtual classroom services at an affordable price making learners flock their website to connect themselves with the service.


Online whiteboard learning management system comparison to the traditional blackboard in terms of time management shocks many people. With an online whiteboard, a student can choose when and where to take classes since class sessions can be recorded when the learner is offline. Additionally, the learner has the laxity to do class questions, participate in a class group discussion wherever he/she is located.Before induction of technology in the learning arena, the enhancement of digital efficacy knowledge was not anywhere accessible to learners. Today as learners follow the proceeding of an online whiteboard classroom, they masters the concept of digital technology, a basic requirement in the twenty-first century. This means, a learner, apart from undertaking the normal course work, is gaining other skills not present in the Blackboard technology.

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Nowadays accessing land for construction of physical classrooms is an enormous challenge. If you take a comparison the cost of developing a virtual classroom software, installed on computer and smartphone to cost of developing a physical classroom, you will realize online learning management system is the way to go in terms of cost saving. With an increase in vendors developing online learning apps, learners have the privilege of accessing tutors using a free learning management system but only pay the tutors.The market for online whiteboard and best lms companies is expected to grow to a net worth of $30.80 billion by the year 2023. Companies like http://tutorroom.net/ have now taken the lead in ensuring education is transformed into online whiteboard learning something that will provide the traditional blackboard become a thing of the past. By 2021 almost all colleges and universities across the world will have adopted the concept of an online whiteboard.

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Nations have started appreciating the benefits that come with an online whiteboard for learning. Countries like the US and China are now directing and encouraging learners to enroll themselves on the system. This typically means online whiteboard is not here to end soon but to uproot the foundations established by blackboards and take the seat.

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