Virtual Classroom during Covid-19 Pandemic

Virtual Classroom and Covid-19
Virtual Classroom invents Viral Infection

World Health Organization, also known as WHO, announced the novel corona virus as a pandemic. And the universities around the world are shutting down in an attempt to slow its spread. On March 6, the University of Washington took the lead, canceling all in-person classes, with a wave of universities across the United States following suit: University of California, Berkeley, U.C., San Diego, Stanford, Rice, Harvard, Columbia, Barnard, N.Y.U, Princeton and Duke, among many others. But, have you ever heard those schools teaching in virtual classrooms using online learning management systems like TutorRoom shut down? Instead, the Virtual Classroom is essential during this period.

TutorRoom Virtual Classroom

TutorRoom Virtual Classroom

This shift into the Virtual Classrooms like TutorRoom is the culmination of the past week’s efforts to prevent Covid-19 from entering university populations and spreading to local communities; cancellation of the university funded international travel for conferences, blanket bans on any international travel for spring break, cancelling study-abroad programs, creating registration systems for any domestic travel.

Many universities where people attend physically moved all their students to virtual classrooms like TutorRoom for the remainder of the school year. All the universities suspended all university-related travel; both international and domestic. The pandemic has affected over 160 countries killing over ten thousand people. The Covid-19 shows no sign of abating, leading to chaos in university administration and among students.

As the number if Covid-19 cases continues to rise, universities all over the world hurriedly shift to online classes in an attempt to curtail the spread. Institutions are actively working to ensure students and faculty are equipped with the support they need to navigate the crisis. But a monumental change like this in higher education is unprecedented.


Safe Virtual Classrooms

Corona Virus can be affected through the contact of the host to the others. So staying away from the populated places can decrease the cases of corona virus disease. Nowadays, traditional schools are banned to prevent from virus spread. So, there are many loss in the students, especially time. The time is precious. We cannot get even a second of yesterday. So, many students have to lose their precious learning hours staying at home. So, Virtual Classrooms are the only solution to solve this problem.

A student can get the Coronal disease without noticing. It takes many days for the symptoms to show. So, a student with the virus can spread the disease to his friends, teachers and to the families without noticing himself. So, closing the schools are wasting the lives of the students. And also going to schools can waste their lives. So, what is the solution?

The solution is the use of Virtual Classrooms like TutorRoom. You can get no infection using Virtual Classrooms. And unluckily, if you have corona virus without noticing yourself, you cannot be a super virus carrier for your friends, and the families of them.


No Annoyance in Virtual Classroom Learning

The novel Corona Virus Disease is new. But there are some illness that cause cough, high temperature and flu. Although those diseases are not severe, the novel Corona virus is severe. So, people can get affected by normal illness during this corona virus outbreak. Students can get a cough because of normal illness. But, sitting together with a coughing friend would annoy you definitely. So, traditional classrooms are totally annoyance for you during this period. If you get normal ill, you may feel uncomfortable to face the looks of others upon you.

But you can overcome those problems while learning smartly using online virtual classrooms. You can cough all the time while learning using virtual classrooms. You cannot annoy the others and you cannot also get annoyed.

Virtual Classroom help you stay home

Learn at Home Smartly Using Virtual Classroom

Home are the most comfortable places for everyone. The chair at your class will not be comfortable for you as the bed at your home. And the class at your school is not comfortable enough as your bedroom. While using virtual classroom, you can comfortably sit and learn at your verusing Virtual Classroomy comfortable home. Do not worry about the viral infection. Thus, smart learning using virtual classrooms can make you comfortable and absorb much better than before.

Virtual Classroom and Quarantine
Virtual Classroom and Quarantine

Quarantine and Virtual Classroom

There are many schools who shut down during the corona virus outbreak. There are many people who came to homeland. Since their staying countries are places where there are many viral infections, they have to stay quarantine. Whether they are infected or not, the quarantine is very long. They may pass their time while watching Netflix, movies, or using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or many others. But they are not a good solution during quarantine.

During quarantine, a Virtual Classroom is the best friend for them. Watching movies or spending time on social media is not the best way to spend time during quarantine. The best way is to spend their time in those which make them beneficial. A Virtual Classroom helps the students to improve their abilities and their skills during quarantine when they have nothing to do but stay in a room.

Learning a skill or a subject while they are in such a quarantine period is very advantageous. Since the whole world is staying inside their homes, there are no places where attracts the students. So, there is no place to take their interest. So, learning a skill or a subject during quarantine using a Virtual Classroom is the way to spend time rather than all the other ways.


The Best Treatment

There is no vaccine to prevent from the novel corona virus 2019. And also there is no treatment to cure the new disease Covid-19. The best treatment is to avoid populated places. So, staying at home is the best treatment. Staying home can decrease the viral infection many times. If not so, the whole world will get filled with dead bodies. Therefore, staying at home using internet is the best recommendation during this period. So, what is the best way to use internet during this period?

The best way to spend their time during this period is to learn something using a Virtual Classroom. Thus, a Virtual Classroom like TutorRoom is the best solution for everyone who want the best treatment. A Virtual Classroom like TutorRoom is the best treatment for the patients as well as those people who are in a quarantine period or the uninfected ones. Virtual Classrooms can prevent from the viral spread. They can prevent the healthy people. So, a virtual classroom like TutorRoom is the best friend to have during this novel corona virus period.


A Real Friend

Who is a friend called? There are two persons in which one makes good for you while the other makes bad for you. Who should you keep as a friend? Who? Well, the answer is very simple. The one who makes you good. If a very close friend who you stayed together can make a viral infection to you if your friend has the corona virus. The friend who you spent your time before can make you lose your life, your family, or your wealth, indirectly with the novel corona virus.

While the other friend cannot harm to you making some beneficial improvements which the others cannot do. So, who is the best friend? Simply the latter which is the Virtual Classroom like TurorRoom. The TutorRoom is the best friend for everyone.

If you are suspected for the contact with the corona virus infected people, the friend who you stayed together before will stay away from you. But a Virtual Classroom like TutorRoom will not let you go. Thus, a Virtual Classroom means a real friend especially in this period. And even if you are an infected person, you can spend your time wisely while learning a subject using a virtual classroom. And a virtual classroom can even become an encouragement to get well especially during this period.

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