Top 10 Training Management Systems

Today, the world is very different to the world of last year because of Covid-19. We have to follow the rules of social distancing. We have to try to work or learn without damaging our health. Thus, a training management system is very essential for work during these days. Today is a period where we cannot control or teach our workers or students physically. For your entire training operation, a training management system is designed to be central point. It will give you the ability to manage all the aspects of your business from the system. It enables you to integrate all your other favorite tools into the system.

A training management system is also called training management software or training resource management system. Training management system is a kind of software application that helps you for the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting for instructor-led-training programs. The training management system are mainly focused on back-office processes and are considered a tool for corporate training administrators, and they are essential mainly in this Covid-19 period.

A good training management system lets you to be able to integrate with the tools that enables you to control as you like. You can essentially build a customized system which reflects the way your business works. Why do you need a Training Management System to manage your entire training operation? Training management is the practice of directing and organizing all of the back-end instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) activities for your organization, including scheduling, logistics, resource management, instructor engagement, team collaboration, cost tracking, budgeting, sales, and reporting. And there is also other Learning Management System which is a software that helps manage eLearning, by enabling content management, course delivery, and progress tracking.

A learning management system, however, is focused on registration and delivery processes and is built for the learners. The number and diversity of day to day users are much larger and it is centered on this interaction with the learners. A training management system organizes training curriculums, schedules, training delivery, grading, records and history. Types of training delivered include e-learning, online, computer-based, classroom, or simulator learning environments.

For organizations looking to develop smart, scalable training programs, eLearning has been absolutely transformational. Beyond dramatically reducing the costs associated with traditional face-to-face training, it also gives both trainers and learners increased flexibility. Training management system also enables training staff to spend less time managing the administration and logistics of training, empowering them to do more with their time and talent throughout the day.

So, what can training management system offer? A Training management system can offer the ability to create more engaging and effective training programs, dramatically boosting the value of the company investments in learning. A training management system pulls all your course management administration into one place, so it is easier to manage and easier for your entire team to access! Rather than working across multiple places, everything is right where you need it. Here are the best training management systems in the world.

  1. TutorRoom

TutorRoom is one of the best training management systems in the world. TutorRoom is one of the best training management systems helping companies to train their workers effectively and systematically. This training management system helps the trainers to organize, track and distribute online training management for formal learning. It is also convenient for all kinds of customers, who may be employees, clients, customers or students.

Instead of simply offering a one-way broadcast in their teaching solutions, TutorRoom encourages collaboration by allowing the students to ask questions and get answers from the relevant subject matter experts in their subjects. Learners are also able to share their knowledge which can be validated through peer-review and shared across colleagues.

TutorRoom perform tool lets you assign formal and informal training sessions to those who may need to upgrade in certain areas to help the trainers to effectively manage their trainees’ skills and competency gaps. TutorRoom’s system is also customizable. TutorRoom has an easy-to-use UI and they comes with a wide range of third party interactions, so implementing TutorRoom in the training schemes should be a smooth process. TutorRoom enables tutors to create beautiful landing pages for their courses. They can customize as they like. To provide a specialized training experience, the trainers can upload their videos, PDF Documents, PPT and audio files. In addition, the trainers can add whiteboard tools and more in their training management system.


  1. Docebo

Among the world’s top training management systems, Docebo’s training management system is one of the most promising training management system with collaborative tools. They simply apply new technologies to the traditional cloud training management system including Artificial Intelligence, and by supporting the ways people learn, rather than dictating them. Docebo’s training management system is praised for its ease of use, high configurability, robust learning management, delivery functionalities and affordable monthly active user pricing model.

The award-winning cloud-based training management system is used by over 2000 organizations to make new hires productive. Docebo helps to equip employees by providing the best training for the challenges of tomorrow. Docebo is praised for empowering partners to sell more confidently and transform customers into superfans.

Many training management systems are limited to training only internal or external audiences. Unlike those, Docebo’s training management system empowers both employee and extended enterprise learning programs from a single instance. They can consolidate multiple training management systems for different use cases to maximize your training technology investment. Docebo’s training management system enables you to watch your customers renew and grow with your business, to turn your channel partners into number 1 profit driver and to create the most valuable learning experiences for your members.

The solutions of Docebo Training Management System includes employee onboarding, development and retention, Compliance training and certifications, sales enablement, customer training, partner training and member training. Since Docebo is top-performing training management system, they are trusted by global brands to create beaufiful learning experiences. Docebo learning platform is trusted by global brands to create beautiful learning experiences.


  1. Adobe Captivate Prime

The other giant training management system that you should consider for your workers’ training is Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate Prime is an effective training management system offering software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomized quizzes in Shockwave Flash for creating eLearning content. You can convert Adobe Captivate-generated file formats to digital MP4 formats which can be played with media players or uploaded to video hosting websites.

Adobe Captivate is a great tool to create training and modules that engaging than a PowerPoint presentation. It allows you to incorporate the design of any website for training purposes. Captivate allows to develop own advanced action scripts that can be shared across projects to control learning outcomes.

Adobe captivate prime allows you to manage end-to-end training effectively across employees, customers and partners. The primary users are Trainees, Training Management System managers and admins, corporate trainers, sales professionals, HR Leaders of Logistics and Delivery, and Legal and Compliance teams. Why you should choose Adobe Captivate Prime for your training management system? Adobe Captivate Prime is an effective training management system that is effective in training employees, partners, and customers effectively with a next-gen training management system.

It also allow trainees to share their expertise with peers in the form of website based or user generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards. Other learners interested in similar skills can follow these boards to learn and even contribute to the topic, akin to a social media platform. Adobe Captivate Prime is a kind of training management system that you can take advantage of automated content curation powered by Adobe Sensei.


  1. Talent LMS

Among the world’s best training management systems, Talent LMS is also a good one to consider for you. At first, Talent LMS was primarily positioned as an employee training tool for small to medium enterprises that place emphasis on usability and workflow over feature breadth, but can also accommodate larger installations with thousands of registered users.

If you want a training management system that can offer tools for small to medium enterprises that place emphasis on usability and workflow over feature breadth, but can also accommodate larger installations with thousands of registered users. Thousands of organizations and businesses world-wide including education, retail, construction, public sector, and non-profit companies uses Talent LMS. Among those, notable users are cPanel, Delonghi, Acquia and the University of Arizona. Talent LMS usually includes in lists of well-known SaaS learning systems, with independent comparison matrices between training management systems often favoring for its workflow and usability characteristics.

The best thing Talent LMS offers is that the platform has a simple setup and a fast configuration. You can quickly switch between different roles, which makes the administration even more delightful. You can easily access mobile-friendly environment of a training management system through Talent LMS. If you are a person who are not friendly with training management system, Talent LMS can offer you the easiest ways to learn or teach smartly in a training management system.


  1. SAP Litmos LMS

SAP Litmos Training is also a good training management system that you should consider for your company. It is an award-winning training management system and you can implement SAP Litmos Training as a standalone solution or in combination with a robust course library, SAP Litmos Training Content. The SAP Litmos LMS enables targeted learning, boosts employee engagement, and protects the brand by keeping the organization compliant.

Indeed, SAP has been a trusted authority in the world of information technology for almost 50 years. SAP is a great training management system that was established in 1972 in Germany. Since then, they offers a wide range of solutions for your business needs. With products that help you the best to track the interactions within your workforce or even customer-related operations, SAP has helped transform the way companies do business through its good training management system.

Nowadays, customer expectations require training management systems to keep innovating and evolving. As these expectations increase, in the same way, the technological capabilities of a training management system should expand. As SAP Litmos Training is a user-centered, cloud based training management system, it can help your team deal with employee skills training, customer training, compliance training or even extended enterprise training.

SAP Litmos Training is a versatile training management system that allows you to develop your talents’ skills by offering a variety of courses. The training management system of SAP Litmos Training can help you to improve your employees’ job performance or help simplify your compliance training process.


  1. LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon is a training management system built to efficiently manage, deliver and track corporate training for every audience; employees, customers, and partners. A good training management system can help businesses of all sizes around the world to deliver high-impact training that fuels long term growth. The Product and Engineering Teams of LearnUpon LMS adopt a customer-centric approach to product development and they are committed to the continuous improvement of the training management system.

LearnUpon LMS is a simple, intuitive UI for admins and learners alike, backed by extensive user experience testing. LearnUpon’s cloud based solution allows for a quick setup, while course and user management features ensure seamless implementation. While learning with LearnUpon, it help businesses the best to unlock the power of learning. LearnUpon LMS’s industry-leading training management system enables businesses to deliver training that fuels employee, partner and customer success.

LearnUpon unifies, coordinates, and streamlines training delivery across their entire network of their customers. It is a kind of training management system that lets your ability to share knowledge be the businesses’ number one competitive advantage. LearnUpon is also a great training management system with a global team and a solution that processes hundreds of thousands of enrollments every day, over 1,000 businesses all around the world. It supports globally and friendly for being the best in the business. You can create unique learning environments for each audience with configurable learning portals, built into their learning management system form the start.


  1. Inquisiq

Inquisiq is an award-winning training management system that features rich training management system with the functionality your business wants at a price that fits your budget. This training management system is thoroughly designed and it blends the most advanced training management system and time-tested training methods with a rich learning exosystem that fosters collaboration.

Inquisiq’s training management system contains course enrollemnts, group access, report generation and permission management that are out-of-the-box automations that make administrating your training management system more efficient. They usually get good custom user experiences as they own mobile-friendly, skinnable and multilingual interface.

Scorm compatibility enables easy interoperability with all learning content authoring tools and third-party course libraries. Inquisiq is not only usable as a training management system, but also it is available for eLearning and instructor-led learning. For facilitating spontaneous social learning communication of a training management system, Inquisiq offers user communities, messaging center, walls and feeds.

User dashboards and interfaces are fully configurable to allow easy access to the most relevant features and information. For training providers, integrated shopping cart, payment gateways, public course catalogs, discount code creation and distribution are standard eCommerce functionality for training providers. You can easily track user progress and course completion through Inquisiq’s robust reporting capabilities.


  1. LearningPool

LearningPool is a training management system that was founded in 2006 to bring online learning into organizations in a collaborative way. Since then, LearningPool has grown from a modest team of five to a market leading training management system in the eLearning industry. They are tow star accredited with Best Companies for “Outstanding” employee engagement and they are Gold Investors in People award winners. Now, they have 6 offices around the UK and the USA that are meant to build long-term customer relationships and deliver truly world-class support.

LearningPool is a good training management system that has more than 800 customers around the world, supporting 3.5 million learners in 21 countries acorss 42 different langages. Their training management system has accomplished a lot within these days. One of this year’s highlight is the growth of its client base to more than 800 global organizations. Their team has managed to win a vast array of awards.

LearningPool’s training management system is one of the most feature-rich, open source training management system on the market. This training management system is fully hosted and supported to deliver great learning, easy compliance and clear reporting. LearningPool’s training management system gives the freedom to transform your training and create a solution that can innovate, integrate and scale with your needs. To be one of the most user-friendly training management system, LearningPool created more than 70 add-ons.

The training management system of Learning Pool offers multiple language support for global reach and a customizable look and feel. Tailored training management systems and programs cover everything, from initial onboarding to leadership training with blended learning programs, all readily accessible across platforms, devices and programs.


  1. Mindflash

Mindflash is an easy-to-use, cloud-based training management system that is perfect for customer, partner and employee training. Their course builder makes it easy to create training content, add quizzes and track results. All you need to do is to simply upload your PowerPoint, Word, PDF or video files and create training management system. Mindflash is a training management system with more than 18 years of experience. This worldwide known training management system has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

A training management system like Mindflash is available whether the business is modern or old. Cloud-based training management system like this one can facilitate creating training courses within minutes, while simultaneously, offering a robust learning experience for their users.

Moreover, Mindcraft managed to get a place in the “Top 50 U.S. Small Companies to Work For” list. This highly notable achievement is a dream come true for many companies out of there. Mindflash is an easy-to-use training management system. They have managed to resolve training challenges and deliver proven and secure training management system solutions for large companies around the world.

If you are a company who is meant to grow, you can use this training management system. You can not only use Mindflash only to provide cloud-based training and reporting but also to host content that you created. You can see this through Mindcraft’s innovative training management system.


  1. Absorb

Absorb is a cloud-based training management system that is engineered to inspire learning and fuel business productivity. Absorb is a training management system that have exclusively focusing on eLearning for over seventeen years. This training management system has served over 1,350 customers and 17.5 million learners. So, they possess enough experience and agility to supercharge corporate learning programs. Their training management system is modern and is built to scale as organizations grow.

Absorb’s training management system is distinguished by robust capabilities, beautiful design and service excellence. The design was built mainly for people who always learn and administer. For learners, it looks great and it can be customized to their needs and branded to the organization. Simply, moving to a new training management system always comes with issues. But don’t worry! Absorb’s qualified team of project managers, account managers and project managers are able to help you in learning smoothly.

Absorb’s training management system is ease of navigation and user interface. It is also a good training management system that is easy enough to navigate when entering data or looking for data. The way the admin side is organized is very easy to learn and use daily for the customers. And their service is really great. Absorb empowers businesses across the globe to surpass learning goals. The training management system was built to deliver flexible training, so, the intuitive design and robust features create an engaging learning environment to keep your employees, customers and partners coming back for more. Absorb is a training management system that is currently serving customers in 120 industry verticals. Moreover, Absorb is always ready to help you as it offers 24/7 in house support.

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