Top 10 Major Benefits of Using Smart Classroom Technology

Covid-19 may affect the life of a child, must be cautious

Top 10 Major Benefits of Using Smart Classroom Technology


What is a smart classroom? It is very different from the traditional classroom. When you think of traditional classroom, you think of wooden tables, benches, your teacher’s face, a faded blackboard, a dusty duster and pieces of chalk strewn around. As you look around, there are handmade charts explaining important concepts dotting the walls. This nostalgic image, is changing in this era. Educators and administrators of schools and institutions are moving towards smart classrooms. So, the students of today have a very different image when they recall the concept of their classrooms.

A smart classroom is a ramped-up mode to education which, instead of taking away from education or the attention span of students, adds opportunities to the existing traditional classroom setup. In other ways, a smart classroom is an opportunity to provide students with quality education by helping them understand concepts better, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and achieve academic excellence.

Quality education has become essential in the world of today. The skillset of every individual is updating as the years, inn terms of technology, passes by. The competitive environment is cut-throat, and one needs to keep up. Technology has entered every aspect of our lives and makes a different style of learning. That is smart classroom. There are too much benefits of smart classroom.


Keep up to date with news to avoid potentially infected areas

  1. Covid 19

It is needless to say the benefit of staying at home in this novel corona virus period. Every government is urging their people to stay at home to prevent the deadly corona virus. Thus, every student cannot go to their school. They are forced to stay at home. They are instructed to stay at home and do online learning. That is using smart classroom. Really, the smart classroom can prevent every student from this deadly disease.

Going to the traditional classroom is risky and deadly in this period. And staying at home is a totally waste of time. So, smart classroom is the solution for everyone. Smart classroom can prevent the students from being infected by virus. It also helps to spend their precious hours smartly and beneficially. The most important of it is that it has not only benefits of health, but also has other advantages.

Going to traditional school surely damages your health especially in this corona virus period. But a smart classroom prevents you from corona virus.


We must face up to the impact of this plague

  1. Time Efficiency

Time is the best investment in the world. It is an equal resource for everyone but it is not replaceable and unpayable. Every human has a limited lifespan. So, every hour is very precious and every second is like a diamond. You can buy a diamond by paying. But you cannot buy your time, even a second. So, it is very important for us to spend our time efficiently in getting to our goal.

Traditional classroom takes more time to learn than a smart classroom. You have to prepare yourself to go to school to learn in a traditional classroom. But, a smart classroom prevents you from losing extra time. You have to spend half an hour, an hour or may be two hours to get to the traditional classroom. But if you use a smart classroom, you do not need extra time for getting to your smart classroom. All the time you need is the time to power on your computer or the time to start using your smart phone. You do not need to spend your time on a bus, on a bike or in walking to get to your smart classroom as your traditional classroom.


It is also a good choice to take classes in a sparsely populated cafe

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Today, money has become everything. Without money, you cannot survive in this world. But money is not everything. Like a boat, water should not get into the boat. If the water gets into the boat, the boat will sink. If there is not water, the boat is useless. So, the money is the same as water. Without money, we cannot survive. But if we love money so much, our life would surely get into useless because there are many important things in life more valuable than money. So, it is very important to pass our life by using effective ways to spend money. In such a world where money is everything, education should not be with money. Education should be free for everybody. But instead of it, education is made up of money. So, how should we solve it?

Using a virtual classroom is not only time effective, but also cost effective. It is very expensive for people to attend a tuition. And also a traditional classroom is very expensive rather than a smart classroom. If you want to attend to a university, the tuition fees cost more than 60,000 USD in the United States. But if you want to attend in a smart classroom, University of People offers you a degree from 2,000 USD to 4,000 USD. If you want to learn Chinese, TutorMandarin offers you a class in a very cheap price. Thus, Smart class is a solution in such a world where you need more money to educate yourself.


Normally, the class is outside

  1. Globalization

Because today, we have invented “the internet” to make distance between us disappear. We can view live the football match in the Europe while you are sitting in the beach in Taiwan. You can speak to the grandma living in the United States while you are fishing in Japan. You can watch what is happening in your house in Canada through CCTV while you are climbing onto the Everest.

If the world is developed, why we should not change our learning style? Why should we stay at an old traditional classroom? Why should we? Using a smart classroom definitely helps you to learn that you do not know effectively. You can learn a subject that no one in your environment knows from a professor in America while you are learning from your home in Antarctica. Definitely, you should globalize your learning style.

In such a globalized world, a smart classroom would definitely make you to be globalized. So, you should smartly try a smart classroom like TutorRoom to learn smartly.


Studying at home is the most comfortable

  1. Lack of Distance

Distance is sometimes a disturbance. If you have ever been a student in Myanmar, you would understand it. It is a place where people have to travel about four hours daily to get to the university. In other view, the students have to leave their parents, their native town, and their childhood friends to learn in a new environment abroad. Why? Because they have to leave everything for education. This should not be so.

Today, if you use TutorRoom smart classroom, you do not need to travel to America to learn something from an American Professor. You would not need to go to China to learn Chinese. Just use TutorMandarin. This is the best effective and smart idea using a smart classroom. Indeed, a smart classroom is something that makes you and your teacher close. In other words, the smart classroom is a smart thing that makes you and your goal to get close. You would not get upset for riding on a bus if you use a smart classroom like TutorRoom.


Learn online courses during home isolation

  1. Flexibility

Among the many benefits of a smart classroom, you will find smart classroom is a great solution from people who are advancing their education while working. In a traditional classroom, lectures will be scheduled at a specific time of day and your schedule will be formed around the availability of classes. If you are currently employed and curses aren’t available after your working hours, it can be difficult to juggle a course load in addition to your work duties.

When attending a smart classroom, a smart classroom allows for far more autonomy in deciding your own schedule. That means you can study whenever it is convenient for you. Live with some noisy roommates? Having more control over your schedule also means you can avoid distractions easier.

Because your schedule is not dictated by classes, you can spend more time doing the things you want. That might mean focusing on your career or spending time with your family. All you need is a digital device and an internet connection. And you have access to the necessary tools to further your education in a smart classroom. This is the main advantage of a smart classroom, i.e. flexibility, what your traditional classroom cannot offer.


  1. Course Variety

Among the many educational benefits of a smart classroom, some are easier to identify. A smart classroom allows you to earn essentially the same range of different degrees that can be earned from a traditional educational environment. That includes learning certificates and professional certifications to master’s degrees or doctoral degrees.

Integrating coursework with technology provides a number of advantages. Rather than waiting days or weeks after exams, you can often get immediate feedback. Where a traditional lecturing leaves you at the mercy of your best note-taking skills, video presentations can be watched and revisited as necessary.

Students who find their focus suffers from classroom activity may benefit from a smart classroom. Students who are not as assertive may have better opportunities to participate in class discussions when communicating online. Working form you own choice of environment, with self-paced learning, the result can be a more personalized learning experience.


Never panic in case of emergency

  1. Career Advancement Opportunity

Just like courses taken in a traditional classroom setting, virtual learning can provide you with a number of career advancement opportunities. But students learning in a smart classroom have better opportunities to collaborate with international classmates, and often have more individual contact with other students. Students may also receive more one-on-one time with their professor in a smart classroom, which is beneficial for both learning and networking.

Because you are the master of your own schedule, students of a smart classroom are better prepared to continue while pursuing academic credentials. And for students who are not employed, academic wok can serve to explain any discontinuity or gaps in a resume. In either case, the advantages of a smart classroom can be clearly seen on a resume.

To get educated, you need money. To earn money, you need to be educated. So, you need both. But in life, most people have to make a choice from the two. But this is a story before. Now, it is possible. You can get both two. Working in the day and studying at night is a perfect solution if you start to use smart classroom. And the flexible schedule of classrooms are the best for those who are busy with their work. It is also a good solution for people who want to learn a new skill at their leisure while they are studying at a traditional University or School.


  1. Pace of Growth

Every animal has a different speed.  A tortoise walks very slowly but a rabbit runs faster. A deer runs fast but a tiger is slower than a deer but he can hunt a deer chasing after it. Like the animals, every human has a different level of rate at everything. Everybody cannot play football as good as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Everyone cannot run as fast as Usain Bolt. And according to the different quotient of everyone, one’s learning speed cannot be the same as the other.

Every human in the world has a different level of learning. So, everyone cannot be Newton. Teaching the students with different levels of IQ makes a waste of both of them. If the teacher make the teaching slow and steadily enough for his stupid students to learn, it is a waste of time for his intelligent students because of their fast learning skills. But if the teacher make the teaching fit for his intelligent students, his stupid students may not be able to learn anything due to their slowly absorbing memory. Thus, what is the best way? The best way is to teach them individually. This is a smart classroom offers that a traditional classroom cannot offer.


  1. Different Digital Tools

What kind of tools are used in a traditional classroom? How many tools are used in a traditional classroom? There may be a piece of chalk and a blackboard to write and a stick to point what is written on the board. That is all tool a traditional classroom may have. But, it is very different from the tools a smart classroom offers. Gone are the days of traditional blackboard education. Now, it is the age of smart class which allows the faculty to impart education using PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, and video screenings and also through images.

A picture is worth a thousand words! In line with this famous maxim, it is through smart class that students will be able to assimilate all the information that is presented via these instructional tools.

Since the teacher is not writing on the board, students will be able to better concentrate in the class, assimilating audio and visual information through digital tools like CDs, pen drives and PDF files that will be emailed to the students.

This pattern of teaching and learning thus avoids the trouble of making notes while the lecture is in progress. Since notes will be provided to them through these modes, they can concentrate better in a smart classroom.


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