Top 5 Best Virtual Classrooms of 2018

list of best virtual classrooms

Over the past years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for online whiteboards and virtual classroom software. A good virtual classroom can help a student to communicate with his/her teacher seamlessly and enable him her to learn effectively even online. A good virtual classroom can help a company train it's team members in real-time regardless of their geographical regions and time.

In this articles, we will analyze the top 5 best virtual classrooms currently on the market in 2018. Enjoy!

1. Tutorroom Online Teaching Software

Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom

Coming in at number one is the TutorRoom's virtual classroom software. TutorRoom's virtual classroom has everything you would need, including the following features:

  • Video calling
  • Messaging
  • 1-on-1, 1-on-multi
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Various whiteboard tools (Pens, Shapes)
  • Grid lines

These special features allow it to rank amongst the best including a virtual classrooms today. You can try a quick demo anytime to see if it's right for you. Features like video recording, saving slides, are not available for the demo, but are available with purchase.

In addition to just a standalone classroom, TutorRoom offers a full management platform that includes scheduling, payment, tutor profiles, and more. You can see some examples of it's online school management software here -- but would be advised to schedule a live demo to see if it's right for your organization.

2. RealTime Board

Realtime Board alternatives

RealTime Board also has one of the best services after TutorRoom. The online whiteboard allows you to use some of its features free of charge for a limited time. From there, you can upgrade to premium services where you will access extra features. What is fascinating about this online whiteboard is that it has significant improvements with extra collaborative features many of which were not available in the traditional whiteboards. This whiteboard allows the student to use its templates to prepare his/her presentations. Lastly, it has enhanced drawing features.

3. AWW App

aww app competitiro

The AWW App comes with a couple of options just like the RealTime Board. You can choose to utilize its free services or you can upgrade to their premium services where you can access the app’s amazing features. This online whiteboard advocate for intuitive and easy use during the teaching session. Also, it has a virtual classroom setup that allows for privatization of the shared documents, therefore, enhancing efficiency.

4. Web Whiteboard

web whiteboard competitor

The main idea of having this Web Whiteboard software is to allow you to express yourself efficiently using drawings. This whiteboard is convenient for students taking courses that entail a lot of artwork. Moreover, unlike many of the other online whiteboards, you do not need to have logins to access this platform. Navigating through it is easy and its features are awesome. It also has a 21-day free trial for new users.

5. Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox simplifies the idea of online classroom in amazing ways. First, you do not need any virtual classroom setup whatsoever. Then it has a blank canvas broken with a grid that makes both writing and drawing very easy. With these, both the teacher and the student can benefit and enhance proper learning sessions.

Virtual online classrooms are the ways to go especially with the immense growth of technology that we are currently witnessing. All you need to do is pick one of the best virtual classrooms and use it to your advantage. This article provides you with the top 5 best virtual classrooms that you can find now.


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