Top 10 Best live Whiteboard Software

Top 10 Best live Whiteboard Software

The room to experience the shortage of whiteboard software in the IT industry is not coming down any time soon. The IT business industry is growing to bigger margin day in day out. Over several years, whiteboard together with blackboard has been used to plan, brainstorm, teach, and explain various aspects. When people started using the physical whiteboard, little was known about live whiteboards, but as we speak, with the advancement in technology, online whiteboards are taking the overall due process.
Collaborative whiteboard used in offices, for example, have a significant benefit in helping to get layout ideas, plans, and visible formats. The bottom line to whiteboards invention was for moments when teams with similar ideas needed to converge in one place and share ideas. Ideas were captured and written down, and if a further explanation was needed, one could demonstrate through drawing. However, in this digital era, over the internet live whiteboards have overtaken the physical boards.

If you are a fun of live whiteboard, below is a list of the top 10 best live whiteboard software we have in the IT industry.


1. Whiteboard Fox

whiteboard software

The Whiteboard Fox is the leading Whiteboard software that is fast, easy to use and zero setup requirements. The only requirement you need is to navigate the browser to Once done, a pop up blank canvas greets you, which contains a grid assist for writing and drawing. The given variations are understandable and easy to work. They include a drawing option, navigation buttons, undo options, and erase button. Other features you will find in the canvas are beautiful pictures and supportive text to help you start up your live chat.


2. TutorRoom

TutorRoom software

TutorRoom is the second best online whiteboard software you will find in the industry of live chat. The company provides powerful Edtech solutions software and a custom solution to millions of world-class computer users. Their services include virtual classroom (online whiteboard Google, video calling services, chat tools), scheduled online class based on a tutor, online courses so you can upload your PDFs and PPTs and online payments services.


3. AWW App


AWW App whiteboard software gives you less to no challenge to getting started for live chat. Its chatting features are well accessible by use of the three toolbars that are located on the whiteboard. The bar on the left is the writing tool, shapes to draw, text, uploads and any other content you fill to add. On the right is a collaboration toolbox for text chat, board navigation, and the voice call. On the top is the bar for access to board info and navigation to other boards saved on your account.


4. Web Whiteboard

Web Whiteboard
Web Whiteboard

Web Whiteboard is no difference to Whiteboard Fox. It is explicitly designed for rapid access and use. It allows online users to pop in for chat without having to create an account or download the app.
This whiteboard is for users who like quick and well accessible tools to draw out ideas fast.


5. IPEVO Annotator

IPEVO Annotator
IPEVO Annotator

IPEVO Annotator is the best whiteboard software for annotating any live presentations. This software can turn your electronics to whiteboard devices only.


Once you install the app, a toolbar pops up on your screen that gives your access to writing and lives chat. Using those tools, you can draw, save by taking a screenshot or recording, and share your drawing with friends on social platforms.


6. RealtimeBoard


RealtimeBoard ideally is online whiteboard for teaching and brainstorming used across many formal sectors for presentation. It offers a chance for one to use UX design, retrospective, and custom mapping. This software does not limit its users on the number and type of templates to use. You can create any shape, add any animation you want to your shapes, text and stick any form of writing on your shapes.


Once you have your presentation in place, you can invite your collaborators to either by email or slack and decide if you want them to view your work in editing mode or pdf. When all your collaborators have logged in, you are at liberty to start the conversation. You only select and drag part of the board, create frames, and pan across the board in patterns during your presentation or turn your screen on sharing mode.


7. GroupBoard


GroupBoard allows its users to set up an administrator control that helps them moderate the whiteboard space and maintain board privacy. This whiteboard is best for groups that want to keep their collaboration and ideas private.


Any users entering into a group chat with Groupboard need to have the login code of the entire group to access the group chat. You can use any browser to access GroupBoard or download the mobile app so you can log in directly.


8. InVision Freehand

InVision Freehand
InVision Freehand

InVision Freehand whiteboard gives you a chance to synchronize sketch and Photoshop files then get actual feedback from collaborators. Every member who login appear as an icon on the top right corner of the whiteboard. While drawing and chatting, you can add shapes and text on your diagrams for collaborators to see.


9. ZiteBoard


ZiteBoard is simply called online whiteboard for math presentations. ZiteBoard is lightweight; html5 based and has a real-time upgrade on drawing graphics. It is powerful in algorithm lining and shapes so you can make clear mathematical and technical presentations with ease.


10. Limnu


Lastly in our list is the Limnu whiteboard software. This whiteboard is mostly for people who are reluctant into crossing bar to digital whiteboards. It gives realistic marker drawing and collaborations features that act to lure one cross over to digital whiteboards.
With Limnu whiteboard, you need to invite your collaborators on your board or paste your link of their accounts. Once they click the link, you can start a live conversation.

people study with best online whiteboard software through laptop



The above whiteboards are the best to use as of 2019. If you have an experience with another whiteboard that worked well, feel free to add on the list.

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