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English is the official language in the US and any migrants who intend to move into the country to work or study needs to have knowledge of English. Language schools play a huge role in this area by bringing the world together through the reduction of communication barriers.

It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 languages which are spoken worldwide with 200 of these languages having 200 million native speakers. It is, however, important to know the demand for a language before you embark on creating your own language school.


english center



Here’s a list of existing schools around the US to give you an idea of some good names.

  • OHLA Miami
  • Lumos language center
  • Golden Gate language schools
  • Stafford House
  • Beverly Hills lingual institution
  • The Language Academy
  • Defense language institute
  • BridgeEnglish
  • Michigan language center
  • TALK English schools
  • ALCC American language
  • META language school
  • The Boston language school
  • LAL language centers
  • Eurocentres San Diego
  • Kaplan International English


new school name suggestions



If you are looking for suggestions for new school names, then here are a few to get you started;

  • Fast Fluency
  • Impact Language Coaches
  • Conversa Language Academy
  • Fluency Language Teachers
  • Your Spanish Language Center
  • Conversa Language Instruction
  • First Class Language Tutors
  • Travel Language Learning
  • Applied Language Instruction
  • Multilingual Language Experts

The above names are some of the school names choose to give you an idea of selecting the best language school names.


creative school names



The name you choose can make or break the company. The name of your school is quite critical because it is part of your brand. Here are some great language school names to help you out.

  • Colorex school
  • UrbanDots school
  • Noyonis school
  • Avegon school
  • EarlySense center
  • Frennex school
  • Udexy language school
  • Arvent school
  • Siesenberg school
  • UpMaster center
  • Silver Ample
  • WhiteSquare
  • BetterDegree
  • CassaCale language school
  • TeachWorth


education name ideas



Choosing attractive school names can greatly help you attract the attention of customers. This is mainly because names that are cool are easy to remember fast unlike hard names. Therefore, ensure that when you decide to choose a name it is one that is pleasant and appealing to people.

Here’s a list of some good education name ideas;

  • LearnStuff center
  • Aegonna school
  • Amegma school
  • Langugostic
  • Language Drive
  • UpCrew school
  • NorthLearn school
  • UrbanMotive
  • Alphateach
  • StateWood school
  • EliteTrio center
  • TeachModule
  • YoungLearn
  • Eterna language school
  • Language Matrix
  • Cortona school
  • Aevitas school

There are also online languages courses from various sites that you can get to take.


  1. tutorroom



Tutorroom offers virtual classrooms and online courses which you can also pay for online through secure payment methods like PayPal. If you are a school or tutor you can also get to sign up with them for teaching students. It provides an efficient way of learning various courses online including languages. They offer a free trial period for their customers.


  1. coursera



Coursera also offers an online learning experience where you can get to learn about languages and other courses. This website partners with universities and organizations around the world and the good about it are that you can learn absolutely any course. It is free to sign up and also offers secure payment methods.


  1. udemy




Udemy provides you with an opportunity to learn and reach your goals. All this is done online through the site. The site has more than 80,000 online courses with expert instructors as well as lifetime access. There are also new additional courses which are published every month.


  1. khan acedemy




This is also another great site where you can get to learn online language courses without much strain. All you have to do is log in to the site and select the courses you want to take. Their courses are all free and they cover all types of courses, from languages to math, economics, among many others.


  1. edx




Another site that offers online language courses is the Edx website. Not only does the site provide online language courses but also courses such as Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Humanities, and Business and Management. If you want to learn online languages you can check out this site.


School names are a big part of the brand and one should ensure to choose a name that captures people’s attention and one that is easy to remember. You are looking for online language courses you can check out the above list to start your learning.



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