How to use whiteboard for online tutoring

How to use whiteboard for online tutoring


Technological advancements have played a significant role in the education sector, helping students access unlimited learning resources to improve their class performances. Tutors in various disciplines have also had the chance to reach several students who require their assistance on particular subjects through online tutoring platforms. Online whiteboards have made learning simple and made it easy to connect with the various tutors in their specific fields.

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Whiteboards are ideal teaching tools for teachers enabling them to give illustrations in the form of drawings or symbols helping students to capture the content being discussed.There is a wide range of the whiteboard for online tutoring, and there is thus the need to make a selection on the best tutoring platform that best suits your learning needs. Tutors also need to choose a whiteboard that that is simple to use and can easily be accessed by all students. If you are confused about the best online whiteboard to choose, then this guide highlights the top whiteboards you may consider for your learning needs.

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1.      Whiteboard FOX
This is one of the simplest online whiteboards you may opt for. The tool does not require any setups. All you need to do is navigating on the whiteboard FOX website, click on the blank canvas to write or make drawings that would help students get to capture the content that you are trying to illustrate. The blank canvas provides a grid with several options such as erasing, undo, write or draw, and navigation buttons for successful tutorials. Learners can also track down all changes made on the drawings throughout the lesson. Many tutors prefer whiteboard FOX due to its interactive features that help them interact fully with the various students in real-time. Students can ask questions on the topic being discussed.

2.      Virtual classroom
This is also a popular whiteboard for online tutoring with collaborating features to connect tutors with students in their specific disciplines. Leaners attend the online classes through the teleconferencing tools in this platform, allowing one-on-one discussions with their tutors. Students are allowed to ask challenging questions as the tutors give responses as they make illustrations on the online whiteboard.

3.      The concept board
This is a more digitized version of the whiteboard for online tutoring that is meant to track down the learning progress and sharing ideas among the learners on virtual projects. The app specifically focuses on project management, helping learners to get a clear analysis of each stage of the project using images and diagram illustrations. The files can clearly be displayed on the board ass learners had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the project.

4.      Ziteboard
The Ziteboard features real-time updates to all the drawings you make, helping keep the progress of every concept of your tutoring lessons. The templates are modified in such a way that they can be shared from one user to another with features to zoom for larger displays. Ziteboard is among the best web-based whiteboards that you could opt for as it does not require any logins or set up procedures.

5.      Tutorsbox
This is also a top whiteboard for online tutoring connecting tutors with learners all over the globe who want to improve their school grades. This tool allows live tutoring classes helping students top directly communicate to their tutors and ask questions on the challenging areas in the subject being taught. This platform also avails e-learning tools and technologies, helping tutors and leaners as well to access a wide range of content. The app is designed to provide short learning sessions where students can freely interact with their tutors and focus more on the content being displayed. Tutors box also provides educational tools for students to track their performances easily.

6.      Real-Time whiteboard
The Real-Time whiteboard is a free online teaching software meant to offer interactive features amongst the tutors and the leaners. It is also flexible, and therefore, tutors can make changes to previous drawings and ideas discussed in the previous sessions. There is quite a variety of templates featured in this whiteboard, helping students to brainstorm on specific ideas on the topic being discussed.
The best whiteboard for online tutoring should provide classroom technology tools to help students access all the learning materials and get real-time updates on the tutorials. The platform should also be easy to access and use without any procedural complications.




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