How to Conduct a Live Class thru Online tutoring platform

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Online classroom has been on the rising demand for the past few years, and this may be a because of the emergence of new technology.

Many teaching platforms are available. You may not know how these are created and how to teach online classes and earn money. While creating, you have to make sure that the browser can allow access to a microphone and camera.

Find yourself a excellent whiteboard solution so that you can be sure that great videos are displayed through Skype.

After this, you should come up with a strategy on your students’ schedule.

Your first step should involve organizing how you will get your payments. Students can learn several things from online classrooms using tools to teach online, and these subjects may include housekeeping.

The responsibilities of housekeeping are vast; they vary depending on the facility. The main duty and responsibility of housekeeping involve cleaning.

Now if you are looking for how to how to create an online course and conduct an online classroom, then you are where you should be. Kindly read below to get information about it.

First, you must know the meaning of a live class. And this can show conduction and educative session through Skype in where an instructor conduct. For the past years, online tutoring platform examples have become very relevant.

You can use one of the largest Online tutoring platform examples like

It is a virtual classroom platform that is very easy to use. It is simple, mobile and also very affordable.

Here is how you can conduct a live class.

Create your live class

icon of live classroom for online tutoring platform

After purchasing an account, you will be able to have access to your academic URL. There is the creation of an administrator as well as the instructor account with every account.

For successful account creation, you need to log in for the home page of the at the account as an instructor.

Execute your press class

As an instructor, you may require to implement some pre-class housekeeping works which may involve the following; editing class information as well as manually enrolling students.

If the instructor gets new attendees names, he can add them to the list.

Manual addition of attendees to the list will require the instructor to the tab written people where he will be able to find the enrolment option of attendees.

Conduct your live classes

three business people learn about new project with live class of online tutoring platform

As an instructor, you are required to log in to your account some minutes before the actual tutoring time.

By doing this, you will be able to make sure that your Online tutoring platform examples are actually working properly and everything else involved in it is working perfectly.

The students will be able to see your live video, and you will also be able to see your students live video.

As an instructor, you have an option of running YouTube videos, use word and excel, as well as using PowerPoint presentations. You can as well explain various scenarios by using PowerPoint.

You can reduce the distraction of your students by entirely focusing on what you speak. At the end of the session, the instructor can store all the documents in PDF once the class is complete.

Post the activities of your classroom

After you are done with teaching on your Online tutoring platform examples, the instructor has the power you download and view the recording of the class on the same page.

You can as well choose to share with your students with the records of your class. This way, your students will find it easy to grasp a point that they were not able to during the session.

As you can see, you have the ability to create and sell online courses, this way, you will be able to earn money and at the same time help students with the knowledge they need.

Examples, a complete virtual Online tutoring platform needs a tutor, students, internet, academic resources, and the money that students who pay as the online tiring fee. By doing this, you will be ready to go.

With proper administration with significant collaboration from all parties, and making sure that your idea output is of high definition, together with enhanced accessibility, online learning will be nothing but the best.
Now that you know how to give online classes, you can make use of platforms like, which is a very affordable tutoring platform.


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