How Many Types of Teaching Software?

How Many Types of Teaching Software?



The digital transformation of the education sector has led to an increase in various teaching software. The main role of teaching software is to make the education industry more effective and efficient. Teaching software are beneficial to students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. They allow smart content distribution, better communication among the teachers, parents, and students and have enhanced the consolidation of information. Additionally, teaching software changes the learning environment whereby tutors can cater to different learning styles.


If you are a teacher or a student and looking for teaching software, we have researched for you the best teaching software in the market. Here is the list.


  1. Assessment software

teaching software
Assessment software

Assessment software is one of the most used teaching software among many tutors, administrators, and students. Assessment software has made it easy for teachers to give out tests and assessment papers to students. With this type of software, one does not need to print out anything which reduces paper waster by a great margin.

Assessment software is simple to use. They offer an easy and convenient way for teachers to give out tests and record the answers. Also, it can be used to record the student’s grades, and teachers can grade their students at the end of the year. Assessment software such as Canvas is cheap, and you can find them easily online.



TutorRoom is one of the highest rated learning software that offers virtual whiteboard for online teaching. To use this software, you will need to create an account on the website. You will also get a free demo to try out and find if it is the best one for you. The features of this learning software include convenient online payments, easy scheduling of classes for tutors and different interactive tools.

One of the major advantages of using is that it is available for large organizations to single tutors. They have different packages, and you can pay as you go to classes. Their customer support services are excellent, and whenever you face a problem, you can reach them easily.


  1. Reference software

online teaching software
Reference software

Today, reference software is easily found online. You do not have to install the software on your PC as they are accessible anytime. Reference software such as Wikipedia has made it easy for both students and tutors to find learning information easily online. Today, the reference software publishes information online, and they are packed with a lot of knowledge that is helpful to students.


Most of the reference software is free, and you do not have to create an account to use them. All you need is to browse the name and start getting as much information as you want.


  1. Courseware Learning software

Courseware Learning software
Courseware Learning software

Courseware such as Articulate 360 is one of the most common online teaching software. They have been in the industry for many years and have gained popularity among students and teachers. The software is designed to help the students with instructions on how to do certain tasks. They are found in the form of tutorials or kits for students. There is courseware software that is available from kindergartens to universities.

Over the years, different courseware software has improved. Now, they are packed with assessment materials for different subjects and lessons.


  1. Classroom Aids

online tutor management system
Classroom Aids

Classroom aides are online tutor management system that allows engagement and interaction between the tutors and the students. They can be in the form of audios or visuals, and their main role is to help the tutor pass information easily to students. Research has shown that students pay more attention to their tutors when classroom aides are used.

The most famous online tutoring software whiteboard among teachers is Clever Touch which involves the use of digital display, projectors, and whiteboards. The software is easy to use, and it is ideal for tutors when teaching on graphics, maths and physics lessons. The online live teaching platform is cheap, and you can find others that have free options. They can be used by all institutions from elementary schools to colleges.


  1. Desktop publishing software

school software
Desktop publishing software

Desktop publishing software is for teachers. The software enables teachers to create handouts, flyers, and newsletters to their students. They can be used as a communication tool to inform students about the events and activities that will take place in the school.

Desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher‎ has become a must have for all teachers. It allows teachers to design posters and flyers without relying on other people. The learning software is easy to use, and a teacher can design the products to relate to the topic.


The use of learning software in schools has improved the education system. The above-listed types of learning software are easy to use, cheap and effective in their work. When choosing learning software, it is important to consider the features, cost, and user-interface. If you are a teacher, make sure that you enhance your teaching skills and have an easy time with your students by using



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