Difference Between Technology and Product of Technology

difference between technology and product of technology



Many times, people confuse the terms “product” and “technology”. The confusion is predominantly found in the software industry.

Most people will tend to use the terms interchangeably. The following piece, therefore, seeks to split the two terms in a clear-cut distinction.

Before we embark on ironing out the difference between technology and technology products, it is essential to answer some basic questions concerning the subject; what is technology?

What is information technology? These are just but a few questions that might require some answers before digging deep into the differences.


technology,technology product and information technology



Technology can explain as a device, a means, material, electronic instructions that are assembled to carry out a task more efficiently with the minimal use of the natural world and maximum use of the human brain.

On the other hand, a product of technology is a functional device, model, material or sequential means of doing things that are brought about by the technology.

Information technology is the use of computers, networks, storages and other devices to process, and secure some vital electronic data. This data can then be used to develop technology products.

The information technology has contributed largely in the roadmap towards achieving technological fronts. It has contributed to shipping some new technology gadgets.

On the new technology 2017 products list are Panasonic Lumix cameras, touch screen projectors, wired headphones, and security cameras, among others. The information technology products list is endless.


technology precedes



While technology is a tool that helps you achieve the desired product in a more efficient manner, it has to come before you see the end product. More credit to give to the technology.

Whereas everyone is enjoying using technological products (including the reader of this write-up), credit to give to where it is due.

The source of the technology to the internet developers came long before we started re-developing websites and blogs. Inasmuch as we enjoy the service of the cool new technology every day, the attribute must give to the core source.

Technology roadmap for the products originates from the technology itself. Overall, once the technology applicability has been confirmed, what follows is product creation.


product may supersede technology



Technology products exist to solve a given problem. It is meant to create value. It goes beyond the technological level. A good example is the use of one of the latest technology; Skype.

It creates to solve the problem of communication between parties across the globe. It was mean to reduce the hassles of having to get one’s telephone numbers.

Come to the applicability of it, it has facilitated the online communication via voice and gone beyond this communication.

Apparently, people are using technology to hold conference calls. A television, in another instance, may be used to teach people to come up with more technologies.


differences in product development


Technological development has more to do with invention than product development. Technological development engineers fresh functional subsystems in a given product as opposed to the product itself.

In its simplest terms, product development can say to be a commercialization of the initial invention. The product developers make use of the principles and technologies that are already set in place, though through a creative means.

For instance, the current iPhone company has developed the phone’s access through the building of a finger-print sensitive means that magically responds to unlock the phone. This is different from the traditional means of unlocking the phone via passwords.


technology products


Most of the products of technology have a tendency of combining more than one technology to come up with the desired product geared towards solving a given problem.

For instance, when we talk of a wheel and a lever, each of them derives from a specific technology. However, they both become more useful when their uses are synchronized to bring on board a specific technological solution, that is, a wheelbarrow.

Also, a digital camera has many technologies intertwined to bring the desired product. It composed of sensor, rechargeable batteries, CCD, circuit boards, among other components.

Overall, technology products are integrations of different technologies while technologies are the source of these subcomponents.

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, a product is to apply technology. We cannot talk about products of technology without having to mention the technology itself.

From the above discussion, it is clear that technology and products of technology are two distinct subjects, yet intertwined.

The various products in brought about by the technology continue to spring impacts among innovative users.


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