Best Ten Online Whiteboard for 2020

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Today is the age of education. It is a time when scholars are gold makers. However, this is not easy to get an education although the technology develop in the modern technologies. And the world is moving faster. Nowadays, education does not need to study at traditional schools because of the development technologies. There is many reasons to study with online whiteboard.

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Studying through online whiteboards will give efficiency of time and money management without effecting work, family or productivity and leisure.

The following are the best ten online whiteboards for 2020.


If Leonardo Da Vinci is the genius of art, TutorRoom will be Leonardo of whiteboard. It is a fully-made, pre-built online tutoring platform perfect for any school whether it may be big or small.

By the reviews by customers, TutorRoom is a great educational technological solution for online tutoring.

TutorRoom provides a simple effective online virtual whiteboard that has necessary learning features in all subjects whatever language or science. The quality of video calling is high together with message window.

If you want to upload a PDF or a photo, it supports well. Students or teachers who want to make video recording can easily record videos. It has slide saving, pen tools, drawing tools and color swatches.

A good whiteboard should ensure it is working well and that is has the best whiteboard online tool. It should be easy enough to use without a lot of problems occurring. TutorRoom includes all of it. It is ideal for all students to use. The tutor may be able to record the progress of each and every student on the site. This makes TutorRoom a very excellent management for teaching.

A good whiteboard should ensure it is working well and that is has the best whiteboard online tool. It should be easy enough to use without a lot of problems occurring. TutorRoom includes all of it. It is ideal for all students to use. The tutor may be able to record the progress of each and every student on the site. This makes TutorRoom a very excellent management for teaching.

Thus, TutorRoom is the best solution for the tutors and students who want a cool and effective teaching or management. TutorRoom can make the learning effective and comfortable much more than any other online whiteboards all over the world.

2.IPEVO Annotator

Developed by the same company that creates interactive whiteboards for classroom settings. IPEVO Annotator turns your entire desktop, laptop, or mobile device into a whiteboard. Once the app is installed and opened, a move able toolbar appears on your screen, giving you access to your writing tools.

From here, you can draw to mark up files that are open on your existing desktop. Or click on the whiteboard button to turn your entire screen into a blank whiteboard. To document or save your notes, you can take a screenshot or create a recording.

IPEVO Annotator is useful when you’re presenting documents from your screen and want to highlight or mark objects. Since the drawings aren’t tied to your files, you can simply wipe the board clean .

The biggest downside is that there’s no option to add text, if you’re on a desktop. So, you must use a mouse to write out any words.

Granted, the strength of IPEVO lies in marking up existing documentation. Or creating sketches on the go, rather than as an initial brainstorming ideation tool where you would want more text.

3.InVision Freehand

InVision Freehand gives designers the opportunity to sync their Sketch and Photoshop files and get real-time feedback from the team. Each user appears an icon on the top right corner of the whiteboard. That is indicating the color of the “ink” for their markups.

Adding text and uploading files is as simple as a click of the mouse on the top toolbar. And if you want to add shapes, just hold down Shift while drawing, and it will recognize the shapes as you draw them.

When the Present option is selected, all collaborators on the board can sit back and watch as the focus stays on your own cursor.

The downside: Freehand doesn’t include any group chat tools. So, you’ll have to have another app lined up for visual, audio, or text communication outside of the board drawing.


At first glance, Stormboard is a sticky-note-style ideation tool. But each digital sticky note can house its own whiteboard, opening up a world of opportunity for big picture brainstorming and collaboration.

As soon as you create a new Storm (brainstorming board), you can start adding your ideas. Any sticky note can then turn into a collaborative whiteboard that all collaborators can view and edit in real time.

Using Stormboard solves one of the major problems in any brainstorming or collaborative meeting: how to save each iteration so that it’s easy to review and revise moving forward. To organize, drag each whiteboard note around the board with your mouse. Board collaborators can then vote on each board, carry on a text chat conversation, and even assign tasks.

Because Stormboard integrates with Zapier, you can even automate your whiteboard, creating new Storms or ideas based on activity in other apps. Or you can automatically send your ideas, comments, and tasks from Stormboard to other apps.


AWW removes all hurdles to getting started, since you don’t have to log in before creating your first whiteboard (although you won’t be able to save the board without eventually logging in).

The rich feature set is quickly accessible through the three toolbars located on the whiteboard. The left sidebar houses writing tools, text, shapes, uploads, and everything else you need to add content to the whiteboard itself.

On the right is a collaboration toolbar for text chat, voice calls, and board navigation. And the toolbar on the top gives you access to board info, allowing you to navigate to other boards saved to your account. While the three separate toolbars make navigation supremely simple, it reduces the amount of drawing space.

With AWW, you can embed a whiteboard by copy/pasting an iframe code, similar to how YouTube video embeds work. Anyone who accesses the page can then take advantage of this fully functional whiteboard.

6.Realtime Board

Realtime Board is available on any device—and on the web. When you get started, you can choose from any number of templates (e.g., UX design, customer mapping, and retrospective), or just start with a standard blank whiteboard.

And you’re not limited to one template so you can add as many as you want to a board. Using zoom and scroll to navigate through the various templates on the board. Then add shapes, text, and sticky notes (drag-and-drop) as needed.

If you are finding for more features, go to the Realtime Board, which houses an app’s list.  You can integrate, from Google Drive for uploading files and each user can vote on designated objects by using a voting plugin.

RealtimeBoard is not only for brainstorming but also for designing to give a quality presentation of everything you’ve worked between teammates and stakeholders. Invite collaborators via email or Slack, you must decide whether you want them either editing or view-only access. And then indicate which section of the whiteboard they should see when they first log in.

You can chat a conversation with members, select and drag a portion of the board to create “frames” in where you can write through the board what you want to show during presentations. All members can see your screen and hear your voice over the audio system if you use screen sharing mode


Sketchboard advertises itself as a diagramming whiteboard, and the claim is confirmed the moment you sign up. (You can test the app without creating an account, but the whiteboard is public and can only be saved if you’re logged in.) The board comes with a wide variety of pre-designed icons for use in things like software diagrams and roadmaps. Drag and drop the icons to the board, then use the toolbar to change size and color or add text.

Once your whiteboards are created and saved to your account, Sketchboard provides a wealth of organization methods, auto-filing each board based on its permissions (public, private, team, or password shared), and letting you add unique tags to a board so that you can quickly search for and locate a single project board easily.

The biggest drawback is that Sketchboard holds back quite a few features unless you’re signed up for a paid account, including crucial features like adding images. But if you’re a Slack user, it’s worth the price because of the nifty integration that lets you create visual messages from inside Slack.



Conceptboard is a great choice if you’re looking for a whiteboard to use with a team when creating large, complex drawings like storyboards or a multi-page design revision. In addition to adding drawings, text, and shapes, you can embed video and audio content.

Whiteboard collaborators can converse via chat, leave comments on the board itself, and even assign tasks to each other inside the app. Even with the complexity it allows, the interface is quite easy to navigate, with navigation and toolbars located on the top and left-hand side.

Conceptboard lets you create any number of sections on the whiteboard. Clicking on a given section in the sidebar automatically moves you to that part of the board, so you can jump through a large or complex drawing with ease.

Sections can also be exported individually as images or as a group in PDF format, so you can save or share it outside of the app.


9.Explain Everything

If you want to create a video of your whiteboard session, you could always record your screen and have it running in the background when you move into creation mode. Or you could simplify the process and use Explain Everything for your whiteboard and video recorder/editor.

As a whiteboard, Explain Everything lets you draw, add text, upload files, and create basic shapes. All fairly standard. But because it offers video recording capabilities, it allows you to record your whiteboard—and voice—as you draw, then edit or split elements to refine the finished video. Once you’re satisfied, you can save the video to be shared online as a link or downloaded as an MP4. That way, people who weren’t able to attend the whiteboard session can still get a sense of the process behind it.

Collaboration tools are also built in, so you can invite team members to view or edit the board and converse with audio while you’re working together.

10.Whiteboard Fox

If you find yourself only needing a digital whiteboard for one-off use cases here and there, you might gravitate toward Whiteboard Box, a straightforward whiteboard app that doesn’t require a login.

Compared to the other apps on this list, Whiteboard Fox might be considered stripped down in features. But it still has the essentials for a great whiteboard app: freehand drawing, straight lines, the ability to embed photos and add text. And even a replay feature which opens your whiteboard in a new browser tab and provides an instant replay video.

And while there’s no login required, you can still share the board with others and control their access, allowing them to view or edit. Of course, since there’s no option to log in, there’s also no way to save your whiteboards online, so you’ll have to export them as images if you want to save them. Does the trick for a one-time project.

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