Best Online Tutoring Platforms 2020

Best Online Tutoring Platforms 2020

Online learning has gained a lot of popularity lately, and this is due to the convenience it provides to its users. This type of learning is available for every user, and you do not have to attend a typical class setting to get enlightened, you only need a PC or a Smartphone internet connectivity to access this type of learning from anywhere in the world. It does not require you to follow any class schedule as well, you are in control and hence can make your own schedule, and in addition to that, you also have access to various learning materials. Below is a list of some of the best online tutoring platforms 2020 to try out.



This is an online tutoring platform which offers a personalized solution that is designed to meet the needs of any student. This platform is also designed for schools and parents. The teachers in this platform hold a teaching license in masters, or PH. D. Students and parents can also get some money from this site, getting started with this platform is very easy, and schools can also create customized tutoring platform. The platform is very compatible with a PC, Smartphone or a tablet. However, the tutoring costs 82 cents per second which is expensive than other online tutoring platforms.



This platform enables tutors to establish beautiful landing pages for the courses that they are best in. The tutors can also upload videos, PPT, PDF documents and audios to provide a world-class learning experience for their students. School headmasters can create accounts in this platform and upload lessons as well as create classes. It uses a pay as you go model which requires the students to pay $1 per classroom. There are unlimited tutors; hence finding a tutor cannot be a problem. Apart from that, the platform provides new users with a demo; hence they can be in a position to get a quick intro about the platform.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutor

It is an educational and tutoring platform. It has many tutors who are always ready to provide their students with world-class e-learning. Upon asking a question, you will be matched with a tutor who will be able to help you through the whole process. The tutors are available 24/7, so whenever you need their help, you can always get them. They have affordable plans which go for 40cets per minute. And as a student, you are given the opportunity to browse through the tutors and select the one that pleases you, and there are a lot of subjects offered which range from high school to college level.



Offers on-demand online course to students in the entire world, the tutors are qualified and pass through a thorough screening before they are considered legible for working in this platform. It provides students with 300 subjects in all grades, from online tutoring for elementary students to students in high school. It also offers online tutoring services for college students. The platform can be easily navigated; however, the platform pairs the student with a tutor, so this means that the student is not allowed to look for a tutor on his own.



Listed as the last of online tutoring platforms does not mean that is of least importance. Just like the other, it is also a great platform. This platform was created in 2005, and it has over 80000 tutors who offer over 300 subjects. As a student, you can be in a position to enjoy one on one learning with your tutor at your comfort zone. The platform does not require students to pay for upfront subscriptions or payment; they can only pay for what they have learnt. You can access learning in this platform through androids and Smartphone. The only problem with this platform is that the qualifications of tutors vary a lot.

Whether you are looking for the best online tutoring sites to work for or a site that you can get proper e-learning, this list should make it easier for you to establish the online tutoring platforms that suit your needs.



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