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educational technology




The mode of learning is changing vastly with technological advancement students become more brilliant in education and have versatility in knowledge.

Various tools and avenues create with the aim of delivering training and learning to learners more efficiently.

Educational technology examples are several that bring knowledge to the people making them knowledgeable.

Many institutions are now adopting sample technology plan for schools to make the study and interaction with their students more engaging and fruitful.

The sample technology plan for schools has tools that ease the learning process and help teachers to understand any issue affecting their students.

The sample technology plan used by schools on their students is versatile. And can be used both online and in the classroom.

Examples of educational technology in the classroom are tools such as; electronic whiteboards, flipped learning, desktops and laptops videoconferencing classroom technologies among other technologies.

The objectives of educational technology with examples are;

To provide education in the use of ICT, impacting learning experiences in institutions technology, to engage in computer-based educational resources.

Those learners use on the practical use of technology integration among others and as an example, these technology tools use high tech tools which engage learners and lecturers in a digital mode.

There are several benefits accrue from the examples of educational technologies:


benefits of educational technology tools



  1. Convenience

Technological tools of learning offer a lot of amenities for learning as they can learn at the comfort of their homes with the use of video chats and can download learning materials.

  1. Easy Schedule

Learners set their learning times as they wish. These examples of technology tools, you can place the learning schedule. That is most convenient to you as opposed to learning. That where you have to conform with the set timelines.


online learning



The educational technology examples offer the chance to have a live video chat with tutors. And one can ask questions whenever they feel they do not understand. Live video chats enable learners to engage smoothly.

  1. Various Tools

These educational technology tools examples have multiple tools such as drawing, messaging, a tool to lift your hand to ask questions and the like.

These tools make it easier for students to learn and make sessions interesting. They bring learning technology in the classroom environment.

  1. Easy Payment

Paying for the classes is easy and secure and guarantees. That once you pay you will get the learning experience you deserve without any flaws.

  1. Good Objectives for Learning

The educational technology tools examples have the best interest of academic growth at heart.

The tools strive to give the best to the students by real educational learning with examples of installing all the tools needed by learners.


best examples of educational technologies







Tutorroom is one of the best educational technology examples. Because it hs powerful learning tools that enhance the learning experience.

That gives the advantage of advanced virtual learning tools with video, messaging whiteboard tools, PDF uploads, and other tools.

The online school management software is compatible with PC, iOS, and Android. That fully installed with a platform for both big and small gadgets. It is the priority you should consider.

You can open an account with tutorroom with as low as $1. And access the trial mode that gives you access pay-as-you-go classes.


educational technology



Socrative was founded in 2011 and is a tool that offers a platform for teachers and students to engage in studies.

For students and tutors to access the platform, they must open an account. Socrative maintains to be “your classroom application for entertainment only, compelling classroom commitment.

” More or less, it is a cloud-based understudy reaction framework, enabling educators to promptly test understudy.

Understanding the method for smaller than normal tests, allocated to them on class PCs or tablets. Tests can prompt various decision, reviewed short answer, true or false, or open-ended short answers.

Socrative’s quality lies in its “on the fly” appraisal technique, furnishing educators with profitable and auspicious criticism.





SelfCAD was developed in 2016 and is a computer-aided software for 3D modeling and printing. It is a free, cloud-based 3D CAD programming bundle for understudies.

It is amazingly simple to utilize, yet gives a bonafide, ‘genuine world’ 3D configuration encounter. Another outstanding component—It has collaborated with MyMiniFactory, to provide a database of officially finished 3D printable plans, making a large number of 3D objects accessible for prompt 3D printing.

Surrounding, it is a ground-breaking and viable apparatus for learning in STEM, and various schools are getting on board.






Initially released in 2014, Adobe Spark Video is a storytelling application for Apple gadgets developed by Adobe Systems for learning music, graphics, and animations.

Start Video is a piece of the Adobe Spark suite. The application empowers understudies to create short, vivified, described explainer recordings. Understudies can undoubtedly include photographs, video clasps, symbols, and voice.

And additionally proficient quality soundtracks. And then true to life movement to their video manifestations.

Video and video blog making is an extraordinary method to connect with understudies imaginatively, and an ‘out of the container’ way to deal with class extends or checking on learning materials.






Google Classroom is a fantastic network-based social device for learning. It enables understudies to post questions and get answers from their educators and individual understudies.

Besides, educators can post fascinating inquiries. And exercise materials for a survey at home. It can likewise incorporate with other Google items, Forms. That can be an incredible method to get criticism from understudies






GoFormaive is a virtual software for classrooms. All classroom instructors have utilized developmental evaluations at some time.

These are used to educate guidance and gain knowledge into what understudies understand. GoFormative takes the offhand developmental appraisal and changes it with association and examination.

Instructors can work from an assortment of inquiry types and record groups. The framework gives labeling highlights that permit to metadata association and disclosure.

Understudies finish their evaluation continuously. Understudies furnish with manual and visual input.

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