The best 6 educational technology tools



Educational technology tools create training methods that are innovative and enhance informative and interactive learning sessions.

Through these tools, teachers can efficiently plan their lesions. Students on the other hands stand a better position to receive useful and detailed knowledge as well as insightful feedback.

Through expansion in technology, educational technology tools have been invented to help teachers to plan their curriculum effectively and be resourceful enough to students. Find more information about technology tools at




Every teacher desires to capture students’ attention, equip them with knowledge with the expectation of success in exams.

Traditionally, teachers have been using experiments and other unique methods to engage the students. However, today technology has made learning smoother and more productive through educational technology tools for teachers.

Consider the tools below to increase creativity for students and to offer technological solutions both locally and internationally.

  1. Evo Classroom Kit: this kit is mean for grade four to eight students. It has various accessories, 12 Evos, and an activity is known as driver’s ed to enable students to program certain features such as Evo’s proximity sensors.
  2. Nearpod: makes discussions engaging through the use of multimedia displays. Nearpod VR allows teachers to navigate through different 3D concepts. This technology dramatically inspires students’ curiosity about the world.
  3. FlipGrid: enables teachers to create topics for discussions, which students respond through video recording. It helps students to formulate ideas in a pre-recorded set up




There is an uncountable number of educational technology tools both for teachers and students. Here is a list of five most effective educational tools.





3.Study Blue


4.Paper tab


5.LEAP Motion


Educational technology tools for students

Student’s performance is based on ones’ desire to learn, the enthusiasm and motivation a student get when studying. Educational technology tools outlined below play the above role pretty well.









A thorough analysis has been done by Common Sense Education editorial staff to determine the best educational technology tools that were being used in 2017.

About 180 educational technology tools were evaluated before narrowing down to the top five tools listed below.

  1. Peekapak: social and emotional learning is well articulate in a tidy and neat package using this educational technology tool.

2. Minecraft: Education Edition: it is one of the most accessible tools to teachers. Students’ engagement in collaboration, learning, and creative thinking is excellent with this tool.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express: this is a photo editor that ranks at the top. It is useful for creative projects since it makes perfect pictures.

4. Google Arts and Culture: there is a vast amount of excellent unmatched, contextualized and curated art.

5. Adobe Spark: it has a super flexible design to enable the crafting of fabulous videos, images, and sites

Tools 2018

With the robust growth of technology in the education sector, 2018 has been sweet for students who have had access to educational technology tools such as the ones outlined below.

1. Insect learning: this tool enables a teacher to turn any page on the internet into a lesion.

2.Book creator: this is a fantastic tool that allows students to create, share, and publish online books.

3.Newseum: it does best for history and social studies subjects.

4.Sway: this is a uniquely designed platform that provides you with a dynamic presentation, which is almost cinematic with a feel of a digitalized modern website.



2019 educational technology tools will, by all means, be superb. There have been consistent and deliberate efforts by computer gurus to advance educational technology tools. Here is a list of the most likely educational technology tools for the year 2019

  1. Edmodo: it is a learning management system that creates an interactive platform for parents, students, and other colleagues.

2.Kahoot: kahoot makes learning sweet and exciting. Students can answer multiple choice questions.

3.appearing on the screen of their teachers using their own devices. Marks award for speed and accuracy.

4.NearPod: enables lecturers to create interactive PowerPoint slides with elements such as drawing activities, polls, and fill-in-the-blank


The takeaway

Educational technology tools have consistently improved learning both at the classroom level and personal studies for students.

Teachers are no longer burden with the time-consuming task of trying to engage students during lessons. We can only salute the innovators of numerous educational technology tools for such a brilliant development.


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