5 Tools for You to Teach Online Like Teaching in Person




Most of the best tutors are shifting towards online tutoring and for good reasons. Online training eliminates the time wasted during travels to classes and switching between appointments, which can all spend valuable tutoring time. Online tutoring is more convenient and useful, but it also has its challenges.

  • Catching the attention of the students is hard because there is no person to supervise them. So, they are more likely to open distracting windows on their screens.
  • It is challenging to form an emotional connection with the students. Building emotional contact with a new student without being together in a room is difficult.
  • Not all subjects shift well from in-class to online. Based on the subject, online tutoring might not be well perfected. It is hard to simulate collaboration online for shared problem solving needed in subjects like science and mathematics.

The best part is that you can solve issues like these using various ways, from utilizing tutoring software and tools to modifying your tutoring strategies to ones that can assist you to get your job done.

Let’s walk you through the best online tutoring software that you can use to make your online teaching seem like teaching in person.


  1. best study apps





Mostly, tutors assign students to practice questions and homework to assist them to augment the information they have been reading. To do that, tutors often utilize PDFs and word documents, but as tools to teach online evolve, more tutors are utilizing mobile apps and web products to assist with things like the assignment of homework. Student Homework is one of the online tutoring tools examples that language teachers can use to enhance their online tutoring.

The best Student Homework tool is Extempore.




Most online tutors find it beneficial to record their sessions to enable the students to review the lessons later. It is also an excellent method of critiquing your teaching methods and making enhancements. If you want to create an online course someday, screen recording is an excellent tool for seeding lessons and content. Imagine the number of classes you would create if you record all your lessons.

These are some online tutoring tools examples that you can consider adding to your online tutoring video recording toolkit:





For a unique video hosting, no platform beats YouTube. It is a free platform for unlimited use. If you have a lesson that only includes your teaching without showing and mentioning the students, you could post the video even publicly and offer other students a chance to benefit from it. You can search online for other various online tutoring tools examples that you can use to host your tutoring videos.




If you are seeking for a one-off editing tool, we would recommend Animoto. The tool allows you to add text, photos, and music to your videos, and it is excellent in creating course materials.




Camtasia online live tutoring offers screen recording tools that are straightforward to use for Mac and Windows, which enables you to make excellent videos with a limited learning curve. Camtasia will help you when you want to create an online course and when you need to record and save sessions for students.




Among other online tutoring assessment tools, Tutorroom is the best online for document collaboration. It offers online courses where you can upload your material to develop online courses for students, provides online class scheduling, and a virtual classroom that contains interactive tools, online whiteboard, and video calling tools.

Virtual Whiteboard

For subjects such as math and science, it is crucial that the real classroom experience where the students are sited together discussing a single task in a book or a paper gets simulated. With

the introduction of tablets and various apps for whiteboarding, all that changed.

There are a few conditions that an excellent app for whiteboarding must meet. They include:

  • Persistent: It is crucial that you store whiteboard sessions for later use by either you or the student.
  • Flexible Canvas: Enables you to upload documents for background use during lessons.
  • Simultaneous: Multiple users can edit a document at the same time.
  • Real-time: both you and the student can look at a similar document at the same time with a minimal lag time.

Some of the online tutoring tools examples that satisfy these conditions include:

  • Scribblar


  • Groupboard


  • Baiboard


  • Idroo


Video Chat


Google Hangouts is an excellent tool for video chatting and is free for unlimited utilization. The Google Hangouts On-Air feature allows you to schedule a group session in advance for free. The session will be recorded and watched later by the students. These online tutoring chat tools are the best for online group tutoring for courses.

To conclude, we recommend that you try some of the above online tutoring tools examples to enhance the effectiveness of your online classes.



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