10 Largest Digital whiteboard companies

Digital whiteboards are much important in these days. In the previous days, whiteboards are vital in the classrooms. It is impossible to teach or clearly show for a tutor to his students without those whiteboards. Today, the development of technology and the current situation of Covid-19 cases show us how much vital the digital whiteboards are. Those digital whiteboards help us to learn easily what we want. The interactive digital whiteboard market has grown at a tremendous pace over the last few years. At first, digital whiteboards are popular in the United States, Canada and the UK. But now, those digital whiteboards are found all over the world.

Moreover, to choose the best interactive digital whiteboard, it is very hard to research on the prices and performance of those digital whiteboards. This article is for you to help in searching the best digital whiteboard that fits. It is more difficult to find the prices of those digital whiteboards on the internet. There is way too much information to sort through in a reasonable fashion. Many digital whiteboards will take an easy way out there and direct you to a contact form, an email address, or a phone number saying to call for the price of digital whiteboard. Even the teachers or the tutors and other educational professionals would have no idea what an interactive digital whiteboard could cost.

If you are searching for an easy answer for digital whiteboard, here is the right place for you. Interactive digital whiteboards also known as smart whiteboards are those interactive displays that function like a conventional whiteboard that displays user input either directly or through other devices. For a digital whiteboard, it needs to be update and modern. Old fashioned digital whiteboards have been used to share messages, capture information, and facilitate brainstorming and collaboration for many decades. Digital whiteboards contain the same conventional digital whiteboard functionality together with ability to interact though network and increase the range of functions that a user can perform.

The technology behind interactive whiteboards uses large format digital whiteboard screen together with an operation system on a chip that use a tablet, laptop or other devices for user interaction. Since handwriting and character recognition are generally included functions, keyboards are often not included for input. Those digital whiteboards are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, in broadcasting studios and others.

Here are the best interactive digital whiteboards.


  1. TutorRoom

In the field of Digital whiteboards, TutorRoom is one of the best digital whiteboard company in price to performance, built quality and customer experience. Your school may be big or small. Whatever it may be, the digital whiteboard is one of the best for any person. This digital whiteboard company has got good feedback by the famous University of United States, New York University. Moreover, TutorMandarin, one of the best Mandarin Teaching Software uses their digital whiteboard for their interactive tutoring. Moreover, the digital whiteboard of TutorRoom is one of the best for collaborative job training and work experience especially in this period. Some famous companies like GameFactory and Osbay uses this Digital whiteboard for their collaborative job discussions and trainings.

TutorRoom uses a simple and effective online digital whiteboard with all the necessary features that support learning in all subjects. Whether you are learning a science subject or a job meeting, this digital whiteboard would help you the best. Why TutorRoom Digital Whiteboard is one of the best whiteboard? Well, it is because this digital whiteboard has the best digital whiteboard tool and it is working well. TutorRoom digital whiteboard is suitable for any company or school based on the customer feedback by the companies.


  1. Miro

Miro is also one of the best digital whiteboard that is suitable for all modern work, enabling collaborated, distributed and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels and time zones without the constraints of physical location, meeting space and whiteboard. The main source of inspiration of this digital whiteboard came from the Spanish artist Joan Miro. This Spanish man was an important inspiration for this digital whiteboard. His work for this digital whiteboard was iconoclastic, and his abstract style aligns with how teams could use the platform making every board to be a unique canvas and the ideas are expressed brilliantly through different colors and shapes.

Miro digital whiteboard is aimed for dissolving the challenge: how to speak different languages by different roles and teams of the company or school. This digital whiteboard has over 20 million active users and its main customers include Pivotal, Salesforce, Deloitte and Accenture. Miro digital whiteboard software is suitable for all users as their offices are all across the world. They have their offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Berlin, Munich, London and Perm.


  1. fi

It is a free online digital whiteboard for teachers and students, and colleagues. This digital whiteboard helps you engage your students, both in physical classroom and during remote teaching. If you are facing a problem how to engage every student in the classroom, this digital whiteboard is a solution for it. This digital whiteboard software would help you differentiate between students whether they are not knowing the answer or they are just sitting there daydreaming. Whiteboard.fi would let everyone in your digital classroom answer including the shy students who normally would not.

If you want to get an easy overview over the students sitting in your virtual classroom, Whiteboard.fi digital whiteboard would help you the best. It is sure that using this digital whiteboard would take you the formative assessment to next level.

Moreover, whiteboard.fi is a simple digital whiteboard tool that can be used instantly. Using this digital whiteboard, you can easily create a class and let your students join using a link, room code or QR code. Everyone will get an individual digital whiteboard where they can draw, write text, make notations on image and add math equations as they want.


  1. Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard created by Google to work with Google workspace. This digital whiteboard was officially announced on October 25, 2016. You can easily spark students to learn, collaborate and engage in active new ways with the Jamboard mobile application or 55 inch cloud-powered whiteboard. You can boost student collaboration and engagement with the Jamboard digital whiteboard powered by Google Cloud. Using tablet, students would find this digital whiteboard plenty of rich editing tools to collaborate with students or educators. You can even access this digital whiteboard from a web browser too.

Jamboard is a simple digital whiteboard but it is much smarter. You can quickly pull in images from a Google search, save work to the cloud automatically and use the easy-to-read handwriting and shape recognition tool and draw with a stylus and erase with your finger. Jamboard digital whiteboard makes learning visible and accessible to all collaborators on the jam session. Moreover, it is easy to present your jams in real time through Meet, allowing for easy sharing or making real-world connections.


  1. OpenBoard

OpenBoard is a digital whiteboard that is good for schools and universities. It is free and open-source digital whiteboard software compatible with any projector and pointing device. This digital whiteboard is easy to install. You can just simply download and start using it right away. No more registration is needed. You can use this digital whiteboard on Windows, Mac and Linux and so this digital whiteboard is universal. This digital whiteboard is easy to use and powerful. It is a tool that can help you to do your job and does not get in the way.

You can engage K-12students with interactive courses or give the perfect lecture at University. OpenBoard digital whiteboard is user-friendly. You can use a pen tablet, an interactive whiteboard or even a mouse to write and annotate your course. Moreover, OpenBoard digital whiteboard team is constantly working to improve the writing experience.

This interactive digital whiteboard is an open source cross-platform teaching software for interactive whiteboard designed primarily for use in schools and universities. It can be used both with interactive whiteboards or in a dual-screen setup with a pen-tablet display and a beamer.


  1. Vibe

Vibe is a digital whiteboard that is also worth using. It is a real-time digital whiteboard. It supports multi-person and multi-device editing and sharing on the Vibe 55 inches 4K interactive whiteboard in real-time. Using this digital whiteboard, you can debate, brainstorm or collaborate remotely on the same canvas across the world. Vibe digital whiteboard has a quick response time.

Vibe digital whiteboard is a collaboration solution that combines an interactive digital whiteboard and smart software. You can activate your brainstorming sessions, client presentations, and virtual trainings by combining video referencing and favorite applications with an infinitive writing canvas. The interactive whiteboard is specifically built for team collaboration for modern tech world.

If you are using Vibe for work, you can take conference calls beyond the dial tone. If you are a student and working on a project with your team, this is perfect for you. The touch screen display of Vibe would set you up for a day of accomplishment. It is truly an all in one collaboration hub. With Vibe’s powerful and intuitive technology, teams can innovate, ideate and collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world, including from your own home. If you are an educator, this interactive digital whiteboard offers the ability to engage with all of your students during a virtual learning lesson.


  1. Mural

Mural digital whiteboard can house multiple whiteboard areas, similar to Photoshop artboards. This means that this digital whiteboard is adjustable that you can rearrange and resize as you want. Moreover, this digital whiteboard has many digital tools. You can go with the standard blank white background or can choose from a variety of templates to add pre-built grids and content boxes for some additional structure.

Mural is particularly strong as a team tool, letting you create multiple rooms for your whiteboard, each with different permissions to limit access. You might have one room for your design team, one room for marketing team and so on. You could also create rooms that correspond to various projects.

Remote teams who use Mural for meetings will love the digital version of some office staples, from timers to chat boxes. It can be tough to share candid feedback in remote team meetings. That’s why Murals timed voting sessions can a lot a number of votes to each collaborator. To vote, you just need to click on an object on your digital whiteboard and every vote is anonymous and tailed automatically.


  1. Limnu

Limnu is also a physical digital whiteboard that is good for your presentations and brainstorming sessions and they are reluctant to go all-in on digital. To lean toward Limnu, it feels so much like a real whiteboard that you can almost smell the markers. Moreover, Limnu does a lot more than giving realistic marker drawings. It also includes collaboration features that make the jump to teaching online feel much easier. To invite others to view your board, you just need to click on the share icon and copy or paste the link. If you want to limit them to only view, you can limit their permission. If your virtual students do not want ot go through a lengthy signup process to join your digital whiteboad, you do not have to worry as much about tech headaches blocking your training session.

Limnu digital whiteboard keeps things simple. It is just what you need when you are brainstorming your ideas, video conferencing and meeting online. Limnu is as easy to use as picking up a traditional marker and starting to draw. Moreover, there are no edge boundaries. There is space big enough for your biggest ideas and a handy indicator to help you find them again.


  1. ConceptBoard

ConceptBoard digital whiteboard is a great choice if you’re looking for a digital whiteboard to use with a team when creating large, complex drawings like storyboards or a multi-page design revision. In addition to adding drawings, text, and shapes, you can embed video and audio content. Digital whiteboard collaborators can converse via chat, leave comments on the board itself, and even assign tasks to each other inside the app. Even with the complexity it allows, the interface is quite easy to navigate, with navigation and toolbars located on the top and left-hand side.

ConceptBoard digital whiteboard lets you create any number of sections on the digital whiteboard. Clicking on a given section in the sidebar automatically moves you to that part of the board, so you can jump through a large or complex drawing with ease. Sections can also be exported individually as images or as a group in PDF format, so you can save or share it outside of the app.

ConceptBoard Digital whiteboard is loaded with features that enable easy board management and seamless collaboration both in real-time and asynchronous. And for over ten years, ConceptBoard has been facilitating online collaboration for teams around the world.


  1. SketchBoard

Sketchboard digital whiteboard advertises itself as a diagramming whiteboard, and the claim is confirmed the moment you sign up. You can test the app without creating an account, but the digital whiteboard is public and can only be saved if you’re logged in. The digital whiteboard comes with a wide variety of pre-designed icons for use in things like software diagrams and roadmaps. Drag and drop to add the icons to the board, then use the toolbar to change size and color or add text.

Once your digital whiteboards are created and saved to your account, Sketchboard provides a wealth of organization methods, auto-filing each board based on its permissions which may be public, private, team, or password shared, and letting you add unique tags to a board so that you can quickly search for and locate a single project board easily.

The biggest drawback is that Sketchboard digital whiteboard holds back quite a few features unless you’re signed up for a paid account, including crucial features like adding images. But if you are a Slack user, it’s worth the price because of the nifty integration that lets you create visual messages from inside Slack.





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