10 Inexpensive LMS Solutions for Small Businesses and Startup

10 Inexpensive LMS Solutions for Small Businesses and Startup

Small and startup businesses can build training modules and lower breach in the workplace by using LMS solutions to send and track employee training. The days waste when staff training claims the hiring of training personnel to give one-on-one seminars, and this is expensive for small businesses.

Incorporating LMS solutions into your training routine is a valuable way to track the sign of your staffs who gain in their learning and training. It also saves much for your business.

Now, learning management systems that allow companies to send, host, and track work-related customer or employee training can define as LMS solutions.

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Here are the top ten in expensive LMS solutions you will find in the market:


1.    Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS is among the best LMS solutions in the market with more than four million users, including small businesses, large enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

The ease of use, its user-friendliness, and powerful features and abilities make this learning management system LMS software like as an attractive LMS solution to most users.

This system gives a centralized, secure space for training experts to treat customer, employee, partner, and partner training. The good thing about this application is that you can connect to the learners via native apps for iOS and Android, REST APIs, and the data will be secured via enterprise-level security.


2.    Talent LMS

Talent LMS is among the best learning management system. For examples on this list due to its low price, super features, and the number of courses incorporated.

If you own a company with less than five users, you are suitable to choose for a free learning management system from Talent LMS. Besides, the premium version is much cheaper than other LMS solutions in the industry.

The eCommerce version of this software is able you to sell your courses to clients online via PayPal or Stripe.


3.    Mindflash

Mindflash allows you to import training tools, invite trainees to the training course, and even track their progress. The sessions created via Mindflash can be used to train salespeople and staffs or packaged and sold to other companies or customers.

The system incorporates Salesforce integration and rich tracking options for online and instructor-led live training. With Mindflash, you can upload unlimited video, PowerPoint, SCORM, Word, and PDF documents for use in your training purposes.

The courses can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It also supports social networks and third-party integration.


4.    eFront

eFront is fully adjust and powerful learning management software for organizations of different sizes.

 Providing cloud-based and on-premise options, this eCommerce-ready, mobile-friendly system mixes advanced security tools, flexible deployment solutions, and fully customizable functionalities.

The software has extensive customization options and comes with blended learning and fulfillment abilities.


5.    Virtual Classroom

This software from Tutorroom.net is not only popular but also a dependable LMS for both instructors as well as students.

This is easy to use. Inexpensive virtual classroom system will allow the small businesses, colleges, universities, and even institutions to share essential knowledge . And it helps organize live classes with lots of powerful and helpful features.


6.    Docebo

Docebo is a cloud-based, modular learning management software with unlimited storage. The courses was easy to buy packaged and  sold online via the services’ eCommerce application.

The software can be effortlessly group with your existing IT systems like CRM, HR, and other systems through an API system.

Since its mobile-friendly, your learners can utilize it via many devices, including tablets and mobile phones.


7.    SkyPrep

SkyPrep is among the best LMS solutions in the market thanks to its flexible features offered at payable price.

It incorporates automated tools that make it perfect for small businesses geared towards streamlining training and panel without the necessity for an extra workforce and committed time.

Besides, it gives you tools that fit the demands of SMEs for more room for personalization, customization, and individual goals.


8.    WorkWize

WorkWize is multilingual, fully automated learning management software where small businesses and startups can send reminders, add users, create and customize courses fast, and much more.

Countless companies across the world are using the system caters to business with 100 staffs to over 100,000 employees.

Some of its super features include automated user enrollment, risk review, non-compliance reporting, and email and HR.

The software has a support team to offer assistance, thus making the process of rolling the software a straightforward one.


9.    Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a multi-awarded LMS built to provide and monitor self-paced courses in a single platform.

This learning management system holds a sharp HTML5 interface which can be changed to fit any screen size.

The best thing about this software is that it can be optimized into more than 20 languages.


10.    Blackboard

Blackboard is a learning management system that combines the power of scalable design, course management, and innate online learning in a single, easy to reach platform.

It mixed full learning management tools, reporting and registration abilities, and notifications program to simplify the learning process.

Since Blackboard is online-base software, you can access it on various platforms, browsers, and devices.

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Final Words

Unfortunately, this is the end of our learning management system comparison in this article. But, the LMS solution you opt for depends on your organization needs.

For the value of your investment and features, Virtual Classroom from tutorroom.net is the most popular learning management system in the market now.

But if you want an overall best LMS that you can use for a company with less than five employees, then you can opt for Talent LMS. This system holds an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and it’s free for up to five users.



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