10 Best Virtual Education Software Solutions in 2021

In the year 2021, the use of the internet and technology has gone to the next level. It has led to the introduction and growth of remote training. Remote training is one of the essential services that are being employed in most countries across the globe. This has been brought by the need to give students adequate learning in the comfort of their homes. The remote training is done with an aide to let people know of the available Virtual Education Software available for use. The features available on the platforms are great and will enhance successful learning for the intended personnel.
The need for Virtual Education Software has been necessitated mostly by the coronavirus, which has seen learners and tutors stay at home. With the software, the learners can meet with their tutors online and get to keep learning. If you are a tutor or owns an institution that offers online learning, you can consider some of the best software that you can use in 2020. This software has been analyzed and meets the criteria to provide you with excellent service to you and your learners.
Below are the top 10 Virtual Education Software you need to consider when looking for a better way for learning :

Best Virtual Education Software Solutions


Vedado is an excellent online eLearning platform that offers the learners an opportunity to learn. The platform aims to educate learners from different parts that cannot be able to access the learning institution. The platform is one of the best software that you can consider having for your institution. It offers you an excellent opportunity to administer and manage all the educational services. The platform makes learning easy, even when things are not working correctly as a student can see their tutor and learn effectively. Vedamo allows at least 25 learners per session.
What are the features of vedamo
Online class- vedamo offers an opportunity to have an online course irrespective of where the learns come from. It works like a usual classroom as the learner and tutor can see each other and communicate online.
Online whiteboard- another great feature is the whiteboard, where the tutors can share the resources or write notes while the classes are still happening.
Offer training- Vedamo offers the learners and tutors a chance to learn how to use the system and have significant learning.
•    There is better communication between learners and tutors
•    It encourages collaboration
•    Easy to highlight the content
•    Limits the number of learners per session
•    Difficult to organize some of the available information
•    Has a limited space


Tutorrom is another excellent Virtual Education Software that should be on your list when evaluating the best. With this platform, you will find a vast number of services under one roof. They ensure that every tutor has an opportunity to meet with their learners without any interference successfully. Depending on your school size, Tutorrom will always ensure that your needs are addressed, and learners get to learn without any barrier. It allows the student to learn on their mobile phones and enjoy learning like those using their computers. This is the best Virtual Education Software that is most recommendable to use.
Scheduling of classes – tutors have got an opportunity to schedule classes on the platform upon which the student can log in on their end and see when they are expected to join the class
secure payment- the platform has one of the best payment systems that allow the student to make payment to the school through PayPal without any barrier.
Virtual classroom- here is where the learners and tutors meet and have a classroom that is unique and gets adequate learning
Online courses- the system allows any institution to upload and offer different approaches to the learners.
•    Adequate space for storage of files and other resources
•    Does not limit the number of learners


3  Adobe connect

Adobe Connect is an excellent and most useful Virtual Education Software solution that you need to consider to offer online learning. It provides training for tutors and learners based on their area of interacting with the system. You can use the system in any of your devices irrespective of where you are or your learners. The software is secure; thus, your virtual learning information will never be disclosed to any third party. You can access any of the materials available anytime from the site;
Easy access- adobe connect is a platform easily accessible by people from different grounds and based on the location you come from.
Comprehensive security- the platform offers protection for all the organization’s resources. It ensures all online class learning is confidential.
Complete eLearning solution- through the technology, the adobe connect platform ensure the learners and tutors interact in a conducive learning environment online.
•    High number of participants
•    Friendly dashboard that is easy to use
•    Adequate space
Very expensive

4 Udemy

This is a widely known platform that offers virtual learning for students around the globe. The platform allows different stakeholders to use the system to teach their learners without much struggle. There are currently over 15 million students who have been using the services and have great feedback about this platform. The tutors get an opportunity to schedule a class and then invite their students to join the class when the right time comes. The administration also gets a chance to add tutors to the platform who will be doing the teaching.
A wide range of courses allows the learners to access various resources and do various techniques available.
Offer training for the services they offer- Udemy offers the tutors and learners a chance to learn how to use the system and interact.
Immediate access- Upon registration, Udemy will offer you immediate access to the platform.
•    Course marketing functionality
•    Offers assignment sharing capability
•    Support all kind of devices


is a platform that has been operating for years. It offers a cloud-based virtual classroom and there are currently over four hundred thousand tutors across the world.  The platform offers online training and live classes for colleges, universities, and teachers.  offers live HD video, thereby giving the tutors and learners a chance to enjoy the learning. It accommodates about 50 participants per session.
Integration of API and Plugins- the platform gives you a chance to integrate the live classes to your website and gives learners a chance to log in and enjoy learning
Easy administration- As the administrator, you can easily manage all the classes that are going on. The administrator can add any tutor or students to the platform to access the learning.
Hi-definition video conferencing- the platform gives learners and the tutors a chance to access HD videos of learning.
Integrated library- the site ensures that all files are readily available and learns to have access to online resources.
•    HD video conferencing
•    Easy access to the services
Misleading sales approach
Plugins run very slowly.

6. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is an online Virtual Education Software that offers you a chance to hold an online class with your learners. The site offers the administration to offer adequate training and add learns to the platform. The system is available for use with all devices, be it a phone or a computer. Also, the tutors can track all the assignment assigned to the student through the platform and make a prior report. The platform is also secure and will ensure that unauthorized participants can access none of the online class data.
Available mostdevices-  SA Litmos is available most devices anytime and from anywhere, the tutors and the learners are.
Intuitive user interface- SA Litmos has the best user interface. It is designed to give the users an easy way to access the service and interact with each other.
Custom branding- the platform gives the users a chance to customize the plugin on your website and let the tutors and learners use the system well.
•    Good customer support
•    Available in all devices
No whiteboard for teaching the learners


7. eTrainCenter

Are you looking for one of the best platforms that have all the tools for online classrooms? With the platform, you can connect the learners with the tutors. This is the best opportunity for the school administrators as they will not struggle too much to find a way to have effective learning. The platform has whiteboards that will always ensure that the learns can learn effectively. The other excellent feature that makes the site appealing is allowing students to chat with each other and hear from their fellow learners.
Test chat- the platform allows learners to chat with each other on the platform and learn what their fellow learners are going through.
Offer live sessions- learns on the platform can enjoy learning on live sessions as the teachers are currently teaching and get to ask questions.
Upload content in every format- the platform allows one to upload their assignment and any exam during a live session. Also, the school can upload any available resources for the students to learn.
Recording of the live session- if you wish to record a live session, consider using this system, and you will have your recorded video to share.
•    Offer free chats for the students
•    One can record the live sessions
Expensive to purchase the website


8. Edvance360

Edvance360 is a platform that will enable you to reach your learners without much struggle. With the class, the learner can visit the class and ask any questions about their tutors. As the school administration to create an online of their learners with no struggle. Edvance360 allows you to discuss the tutors and learners on the platform. It is available in the mobile version, so it will not be a burden for your learners who does not possess a computer. The site also offers a schedule on the ongoing and upcoming classes.
Offers real-time chat- edvance360 allows the learners and tutors to chat with each other at the current time easily. Also, learners can gain help from the chat.
Available in all devices- if most of your intended audience uses mobile phones, do not worry as the system will give you an opportunity for them to use any device they possess.
Easy scheduling of event- if there are upcoming classes, the system will schedule, and then the learners will know when they will have the next session.
Notification tabs- this helps to remind learners of the assignment submission date or even the day the next class is happening.
•    Easy access to the platform
•    It is available on most devices
Does not have a whiteboard for teaching

9. Electa Live

This is one of the best virtual platforms that you can enjoy using for all your online sessions. With the system, you have the opportunity to create different courses and tutorials. Also, the platform has multiple online classes that can happen daily. The trainers also get an opportunity to train online users on how the system works. Online classes allow one to share classes with different media. As an owner, you get a chance to create surveys meant to get feedback from students.
Easy guidance- the site guides its users on how to use the system on the right note. This makes every person find the site easy to use.
Screen sharing feature- this involves showing the learners different scripts on the same panel. You can share the content of all sorts.
Clear audio- the platform has worked on the audio to ensure that the learners can enjoy the service by listening clearly.
Online classes are classes that happen live, and students can interactively answer and ask their tutors questions.
•    Can share screen
•    Easy to access the website
•    easy to get feedback from the learners
expensive to purchase the website


10. ProProfs Virtual Classroom

This is one of the most accessible platforms that are cloud-based. If you have an online school, it is the best platform for making your learners’ learning experience easy. With the platform, the school administrators can have multiple virtual classes for the students. The system allows one to share courses with the student, and they can decide on the best. The dashboard is customer friendly and will give you the best experience.
Easy analysis and report- the system allows the tutors and the administrators to report how the students are participating in the class and the available users.
Course builder- the platform has a course builder tool that can create a virtual classroom. Students can do and submit their exams without any problems.
Clear video and audio- the platform has the best audio and video criteria that enable the learners to enjoy the services without problems.
•    Easy access to the services
•    Have a course builder
The software is much expensive
Click here to find the website https://www.proprofs.com/training/solutions/virtual-classroom-software/
Final thought
Virtual Education Software is not something to worry about you. They have been there all along, and people from different places have been using the services. Millions of schools worldwide have taken the available opportunity and are using the software to reach to their learners who are currently at home. Some of the learning institutions are using the software to offer training services to their tutors and then to their learners. If you need such a great experience, you need to consider the above software. They have been well analyzed and meets all the required standards top offer you an excellent service. You need to test with what you have been guaranteed that you will not regret taking the chance.
We highly recommend every member who visits our site to visit the tutorrom for these great services.

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