TutorRoom Virtual Classroom

TutorRoom offers a state-of-the-art virtual classroom. Classroom has video, messaging, PDF uploads, whiteboard tools and more. Try it for yourself RIGHT NOW with the demo button below. 

Remember! The virtual classroom comes together a simple online management system for tutors, students, and headmasters. Easily run your online tutoring business today!

Online LMS Platform

The TutorRoom Virtual Classroom comes with a basic Learning Mangement System (LMS) as well. So you can easily run your business, the backend system allows you to create student/tutor accounts, upload lessons, and schedule classes. Everything a small business needs to run a successful tutoring operation.

Virtual Classroom LMS

Backend System

Admins (Headmasters), tutors and students all sign in at the integrated back-end system via any browser.

Customize your virtual classroom with your own logo and color scheme!


The Headmaster homepage contains a dashboard displaying the three main functions:

  1. Create accounts
  2. Upload lessons
  3. Create classes

Virtual Classroom LMS

Create Accounts

Headmasters can create student and tutor accounts with all the necessary information such as name, ID, etc.

Easily modify all student/tutor accounts and save all your student/tutor information in one safe place.

Virtual Classroom LMS

Upload Lessons

Our system supports pre-upload of lessons (up to 20MB) in multiple formats: .ppt, .pdf, .png, .jpg and more. Attach lessons upon creating classes to save time for tutors/students.

Create Classes

Headmasters are in charge of creating classes.

Choose the tutor, student, lesson and date/time. Click “Create”. Voila!

Classes will show up in the dashboard of both student and tutor at the correct time. Tutors can enter their virtual classroom with the same link, while students can join the class afterwards once the classroom becomes available.

The TutorRoom online virtual classroom and backend management system is everything you need to start off running your world-class online tutoring business.


“Pay-as-you-go” business model -  $1 per classroom


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