top 10 online classroom systems suitable for schools

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In fact, online learning is a good choice

online classrooms systems suitable for schools


online classroom have gained ground which makes it the most preferred platform that can be used in schools because it makes teaching and learning fun. There are a lot of options that you can choose from that is why in this article I will highlight the best virtual classrooms that can be used in schools. Well, before that it is important to understand that the E-Learning industry is undergoing some crucial changes whereby learners are exposed to conferencing apps to make it flexible for the virtual class.

There are many virtual classrooms available online that is why it is important to choose the best that can serve your students better by choosing the best virtual platform. It is very essential that you need to consider some of the factors that include the number of learners that will be attending consider you also need to platform that has some developmental tutorial spaces that facilitate online learning. The facilitators should be also able to enjoy easy control and learning management across the platform to ensure that all students are well attended to.

Therefore to help you have a seamless learning experience I have provided some of the best tutoring software that will facilitate your online learning management. I have provided some list of the top virtual platforms.




This is one of the best online management systems that offers an open-source for E-Learning to ensure it is secure, customizable, and scalable. Additionally, it displays various courses on the dashboard that allows the tutor to assign current tasks and to manage their learning process. Moodle also allows learners to access more database activities by incorporating other learning forums for an elaborate learning experience. It is also equipped with a calendar to ensure that the academic calendar is kept on track by setting deadlines and other essential group meetings.

You can also drop and drag files from Dropbox, Ms one drive, and google drive which makes it a reliable platform that allows you to store files and retrieve them at the same time. The formatting on this platform is very elaborate since it allows the addition of images and any other media with ease based on the fact that it has an inbuilt editor that is compatible with various devices and browsers. Notifications have also been customized to provide automatic alerts on assignments and deadlines that allow students to meet deadlines. This platform also allows mass and self-assessments which makes it an incredible virtual classroom that is suitable for a school set up.


TutorRoom is a very powerful teaching software


This is one of the best online platforms which provides a virtual classroom with updated courses, live demos equipped with lots of features to provide an incredible learning experience. Besides, it is one of the best learning management systems that contain a booking button which allows learners to book their online classes so that they can be scheduled by the tutor depending on the course outline. It also offers PDF and other academic materials that can be downloaded over the platform for effective learning. Tutors can also create a profile so that learners can get in touch with them easily. It uses the ABC credit system where the credit cost for each class is provided to allow learners to choose their pricing plan .It is equipped with the back-end management system that makes all the learning process very effective.

These platforms allow learners to enjoy different teaching styles which include the use of whiteboard tools, instant messaging, and videos to ensure they get access to elaborate learning.TutorRoom is an effective online management system for administrators, teachers, and students which is affordable to all users including those who can run a business by creating some online tutorials and courses that are helpful to the learners it can work very well when adopted in schools.


In the online classroom, Canvas is the leader


If you are looking for a user-friendly, customizable, reliable, and adaptable online management system then this is the best platform that you can use. It uses the latest technology to ensure that the platform offers a most reliable user interface to make teaching and learning quite easier. You can also use other third-party apps to make an interactive learning session. This platform is easier for instructors and institutions because it uses new technologies to make it easier to get in touch with learners.

They can also download and browse through LTI apps easily. Besides the basic features like notifications, annotation tools sharing assignments it has a quality traffic analytics engine that allows tutors to evaluate the effectiveness of content. Tutors can also intervene when students need extra help by monitoring the outcomes to ensure their education goals are met precisely. This platform is largely used by middle school and high school as well as universities and colleges.


Google Classroom benefits many people

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is also one of the most reliable online learning platform that is a free web-based online learning management system that offers services like Google calendar Gmail Google docs to enable students to use the slides spreadsheets and Google docs. This makes learning quite reliable and convenient because they can share learning material easily.

This platform makes it easy to organize, communicate, distribute assignments and create online classes and teachers can quickly monitor and evaluate the performance of students by getting real-time feedback on who was not completed assignments and giving the grading as per the Google classroom criteria. The assignments that appear in Google calendar makes it easier for students to keep track of all homework because all classes are equipped with a unique color to make it more organized.Students can utilize this calendar to get real-time notifications on when they’re expected to finish their assignments. Therefore it can be adopted in a classroom setup because it is very effective in managing the learning process and students can greatly benefit from this platform.




Vedamo is a popular online learning platform because it provides interactive learning experience using various sharing options online like whiteboard and breakout rooms to ensure the learning process is quite constructive and beneficial. The learners, educators, and schools have used this online learning classroom as a way of providing various learning services since it doesn’t require hardware installation. This makes it very convenient for the school and any other learning situation to have virtual sessions with an effective live face-to-face tutor to student interactions.

It also provides online training and keeps the record for every learning session. Additionally, it offers effective cost management where it is can be customized to suit the learners’ needs. Therefore, this online teaching software comes with some subscription plans that allow learners to enjoy various online classroom sessions. Basic plans start with $25 per month but the good thing is that it comes with a 30-day free trial that allows you to access all collaborative tools that will make it effective for the learning session.




This is yet another online learning platform that focuses more on teaching than the technology. It has all the essential tools that make it one of the most reliable platforms.It is one of the user-friendly applications that support effective learning management. Additionally, it is equipped with various learning features that are designed to provide integrated discussion which allows parents involvement, teachers, students, and other stakeholders to facilitate the effective learning process. The tutors can also set different topics and invite students to join some learning groups to make it more organize and have a personalized learning process. Other useful features that you can enjoy using this platform are student portfolios great books and annotation tools.



educational technology



This is yet another effective virtual classroom platform that is used by educators and trainers to provide elaborate content-delivery. This platform can support live online classes from any location. Additionally, teachers can use annotations and interactive whiteboards in their training sessions.It also allows screen sharing to provide a Real-Time learning process. There are multiple meeting rooms by user and recording functionality to allow users to have an elaborate and effective learning process, .Therefore, you can choose Adobe to connect and subscribe to various pricing plans to allow you to use this platform. The latest web-based version allows the use of cloud recording, interactive whiteboard, and content management systems that allow customization of courses and layouts to make it a very interesting online classroom.




Edmodo is also a reliable education Network that provides various training tools and effective communication to allow students to realize the full potential. Teachers can engage in the network that is comprised of parents, administrators, students, and other colleagues to allow learners to have interactive learning. Additionally, the privacy of students and teachers is also accounted for which makes this platform very secure that users can share and connect safely.

Additionally, it enhances effective discussion that is based on the content outline which makes learners improve on the learning outcomes. Tutors can deliver professional and powerful analytic development with frequent assessments and customized educational content.Therefore, this makes it a very fundamental platform that can be embraced by school and other learning situations to make learning more effective and convenient for the learners.




This is a fully customized online classroom that provides lots of features to allow students and tutors to engage in a quality interactive session. It has various tools that allow grade books as an assessment, assignment delivery, file management messaging and notification to target academic prosperity which makes it very essential in various learning centers. Additionally, it provides life feedback through community involvement to ensure there is sustainability in the learning process. This is achieved through active groups that provide interaction where administrators, academic experts can work jointly to have a full-time operational platform.




This platform is one of the reliable online learning management systems that allow students and teachers to explore different educational material from various sources. The effectiveness of this platform is achieved through interactive groups that improve learning techniques based on various academic content that has been customized to suit the needs of the user. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to organize an effective virtual class with the learners to ensure there is a continuous and elaborate learning process. This platform can be adopted by various schools and other institutions to scale their learning experiences, especially through online learning.



This platform incorporates tutoring organization language and incorporates trainers in providing an effective virtual classroom through other effective tutoring courses. It utilizes interactive whiteboard, quality video and audio services to help tutors deliver effective learning to the students. It also provides a customized branding option that allows private group sessions which ensures that individual learner needs are met effectively. The platform also utilizes a conversation mode where learners and tutors can have a one-on-one conversation on the course content to meet some personal needs.

There is also class review and schedules for assignments and course outline which makes it an organized platform that allows users to have a convenient learning experience. It comes with a free basic plan but you can always subscribe for a premium plan to enjoy more services. It allows the delivery of virtual classes and it doesn’t rely on flash which makes it a better option. Learners will also enjoy the text charts, content management system, custom branding, and interactive whiteboard.



This is a free online virtual classroom that will not miss on our list because it has over 24 million registered students who are attended by over 35000 instructors. It is one of the popular platforms that is equipped with a virtual whiteboard for learning and other relevant subject areas that provide effective learning. It offers extended partnerships and promotions that allow users from other platforms to connect with the large educational network to allow the sharing of academic materials.

Tutors can also benefit from this platform since they can upload their materials which can be accessed by learners. A single learning session in this platform can last for half an hour and students can take up to five lectures daily. Additionally, it has plenty of training videos, email, and course catalog to make the learning experience fun and effective. Therefore schools and other institutions can adopt this online classroom to take the learning experience to another level.


is a digital classroom that provides learning mechanisms, live teaching sessions through an online whiteboard, and other smart features that facilitate an effective learning process. It also allows shared coding that allows learners to have a tutor lead live classes for an effective learning session. This platform can be integrated with Joomla, blackboard, module, WordPress, and other existing LMS to ensure all learners have diversity in the academic content that will improve the levels of understanding and knowledge.


Final verdict

Learning management tools depend on digital solutions virtual lessons and smart classes that facilitate and interactive learning process to ensure that learners are equipped with the relevant knowledge that will meet their needs. Therefore understanding the course requirements and the levels of learners is very important before settling in a virtual classroom. Some of the most essential features include advanced sharing abilities, mobile connectivity, session recording, and quality videos that allow learners to have effective learning sessions that are also enhanced by connecting with other learners in different virtual classroom platforms.

Therefore the platforms that have listed in this article are very effective and convenient for both teachers and learners. They can be adopted in schools to make the learning process quite enjoyable and productive. Some of these platforms might require a learner to make some subscriptions at a fee to access more customized features. There are other free platforms where learners can also benefit from the courses and tutoring that is being provided. The most important thing before setting in a virtual classroom is to ensure it will meet your needs.

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