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Teaching English online is an industry that is under high demand and is experiencing rapid growth. Learning English offers a lot of opportunities for the beginner. With the new language, you can get employment from external countries.

You also get a chance to interact and build relationships with new people and your fellow students because you can easily communicate with each other.

When learning the language, you can either do it part-time or full-time, depending on your availability and how fast you want to learn.

teaching English online

The process of learning how to teach spoken English to beginners is not simple mainly because the individuals are not aware of the basics such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and how to form sentences.

Before starting any lessons, the tutor should first diagnose the student’s language proficiency levels so that he or she can use the appropriate material for the lessons.

The following are some of the tips for teaching English to beginners;


  1. spoken English to beginners



As a newbie teacher, it is okay to be polite. The worst mistake you can make is being rude or using too much English when directing your students.

For example, you could say, “You people, I want us to go learn the structure of a sentence so please open up your textbooks.”

This will make you sound like you have come from a different country. You could consider using a simple language like, “please take out your books.” The secret is using as few words as possible and even combining them with gestures.


  1. spoken English to beginners



Just like any other field, tutors in English learning would want their students to start practicing the language right from the beginning.

But, you should give your students the opportunity to listen to you as you use it. It takes quite some time for a person to familiarize themselves with the sounds of a new language.

You should encourage them to listen keenly as you use English words appropriately.


  1. spoken English to beginners



It would be wrong to assume that your students have understood all the lessons or the classroom instructions that you have given.

Whether you are dealing with adults or kids, they might not be used to raising their hands in case they do not understand anything to avoid embarrassment.

When teaching beginners English, read the students’ expressions or use words such as “OK” to determine whether they have understood or not. Additionally, do not get tired of repeating the same sentences. Ensure that the sentences are broken into manageable units.


  1. spoken English to beginners



Using simple terms such as “do you understand?” or is it clear?” is not only appropriate for teaching children but also adult beginners.

There could be an excellent atmosphere in your spoiling but not being aware of what is going on in the room spoils everything. Develop a good classroom language with your students so that they can adapt to the crowd.


  1. spoken English to beginners




Actions are always better than words, even in language learning. According to the tutoring management software from TutorRoom, teachers are supposed to show the learners how to say something instead of telling them how to do it.

Knowing difficult terms is not as important as understanding how to use them. Teachers can know how to use many examples, drawings, and pictures such as visual cues by using the management software provided by TutorRoom.

For example, asking, “what tense is this sentence in?” is better than saying, “let us learn about past participle tense.”

The advantage of the software provided by this company is that it helps tutors how to assist learners to have a clearer understanding of what you are saying. You contact the team for more assistance or check them on


  1. spoken English to beginners



Sometimes, the teacher might listen to their scholars speaking broken English and tend to forget that these scholars are fluent in their first language and are trying to communicate their opinions.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to listen to the beginner and try to find out why they are making certain errors and how they can improve.

Patience is vital at this level. However perfect or imperfect the language being used is, you ought to learn how to converse with your students and listen to the message they are trying to pass. They are on their journey to perfection.


  1. spoken English to beginners



Obviously, you do not expect your students to grasp everything immediately. Since they are beginners, you should appreciate progress, no matter how little it is.

Provide lots of examples, drill, and repeat. However, this does not mean that you do the same things so many times. Doing so will create monotony and boredom.

Every time you are going to class, prepare yourself well, use a range of activities and have good teaching spoken English lessons plans. It will help to avoid any confusion.

During the conversational English lessons, let the beginners repeat the language structures after you, and then they can say the same sentences either individually or with fellow learners.

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Let them understand that it is okay to make mistakes during the practice so that they do not feel pressured to be perfect. Remember that practice makes perfect.

In recent years, the demand for online education has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. Teaching beginners English is not as easy as it sounds, whether you are dealing with a monolingual or a multilingual group.

But, you can consider using the above guide for teaching English for beginners step by step to increase the proficiency of the learners.

In case a student cannot attend visual classes, they can use platforms such as Dulingo, YouTube, My English Pages, Coursera, English Speak and Daily Step English.


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